Growing up in this fast pace age, most of our generation knows very little about setting a dining table properly. Nowadays families rarely gather to eat on a dining table. But, I always found the idea of inviting friends and family over for a cozy dinner quite fascinating. This is why I searched and dug up the etiquette of setting a dining table, and came up with a list of simple rules you need to know to set your dining table properly.

How to set your plates?

First thing you need to know about setting a dining table, is that you have three plates to display.

1. The main course plate which is the biggest, you set it first right in front of your guest’s chair.

2. Right above it in the center you put the soup dish which is relatively smaller than the main course plate.

3. Last plate is the smallest, it’s the bread and butter plate. You set it at the top left of the main course plate.

How to set the silver wear?

Second step in setting your dining table is where you’ll put the forks, spoons and knives. So here it is, from outside, to inside.

1. Let’s think of it logically, you’ll start by drinking soup, so you’ll need to have your soup spoon at your right, towards the outside.

2. Then you’ll need to have bread and butter, so you need to place the butter knife on the bread plate.

3. As for the fork, it goes to the left and the knife at your right towards the inside.

4. Finally you’ll place the dessert spoon and fork right at the top center of the main course plate.

Where to put the napkins and how to fold them?

I love napkins, they give a pretty look to your dining table, and most importantly they protect your clothes.

1. Napkins should be placed on top of the soup dish. But first you need to fold them neatly.

2. There are many creative ways to fold a napkin, but I personally like to roll them and to put nice napkin rings around them.

Where to place the glasses?

To complete the setting of your dining table, you need to place water cups at the top right of the main course plate.

Now that you’re done, don’t forget to place little flower vases at the center of the table, just to add a decorating touch to your dining table.