To work or not to work? A question I hear from a lot of mommies the moment their maternity leave comes to an end. A conversation that I go through at least once a week; discussing the super mum dilemma.

Well, although I have twins and I am working from home, I don't believe there is something as the super mum. No woman can take all the pressure and effort without compromising on something. Every woman who chooses to do it all, deep inside knows that something is going to fall off. Some women choose their work, others choose their house, others choose their own personal care; the end result is that she challenges herself every single day to do it all, but reality is she isn't.

I will talk about myself, to be able to shed the light on my personal opinion. I made a conscious sacrifice by leaving my marketing research career behind me the moment I gave birth to my twins. I can't say I regret it, but it was a major questionable change at the beginning. I decided to slowly and gradually shift my career to something I love and can do from home (mostly). I sacrificed the income, but I always thought whatever I generate out of writing is actually better than nothing at all, and it keeps me busy and entertained. When I look back at my work style and late working hours, I rest assured that this was the best decision I have ever made. So now what I try to do, is to add more excitement to my 'work from home' thing, like studying, reading, learning anything new that can improve my writing career and take me to a new level. I know I am not the best writer in the world, but I also know I can be better every single day If I exert the needed effort and do the hard work, because I believe that hard work pays off.

Long story short (in case you are already bored), I think that any mother should consider her career and lifestyle seriously after having a baby. You can work, but you need to be fair to yourself and your family. There is no harm in sacrificing a little bit of income as long as you will have the time for everything. Don't compromise on your kids; don't think you will be able to do it all. From experience, you will always be feeling guilty; either by not delivering at home or nor delivering at work.

So do something in between, change your career, revive an old hobby, dig deep for your interests, think of something to do from home, start a small business, be creative as long as you are reasonable.