What do you do when you are stuck in traffic? Curse at the person infront of you, and curse at the world, maybe even both? Well traffic is an ongoing constant in our lives. It is frustrating and horrible, however people will always be reproducing, so we might as well start making our peace with traffic issue. What once used to take you 20 minutes will probably take you an hour now, which means you have an extra 40 minutes in your car. So what are you going to do in these 40 minutes, because sitting in your chair cursing at the cars around you will not lead to anything, except an awful mood and high blood pressure. I know it is easier said then done, but you have got to at last try, because traffic is not going answer. Here are a few things you can do while stuck in traffic. 

1. Radio puzzles

Take part in the radio's riddles and ongoing competitions. It'll be fun especially when the radio hosts call out your name to the correct answer. 

2. Return all your missed calls

Don't make your phone calls in the middle of your working hours or at home, get them out of the way during the time you are stuck in traffic. 

3. Make your mental to-do list

I am sure there's list of things and errands you need to do during your day. Plan it out in your head while your stuck in traffic, that way you can clear your head once you're home. 

4. Sing along to the music

You know that feeling, when your favorite song comes on and you crank up the volume. Sing along to the song and enjoy those three minutes. It will leave you feeling happier. 

5. Call old friends

Life usually gets the better off, what with our busy schedules and work. Meaning, some friends become acquaintances, so why not call up your old friends and catch up with them. 

6. Meditate

The beauty about mediation is that it can be done anywhere anytime. So instead of letting your blood boil, meditate and relax your mind

7. Munch on snacks

Be sure to leave some chocolates or fruits such as grapes to munch on while stuck in traffic. After all, chocolate releases endorphins into your body.

8. Listen to an audio book or podcasts

While reading a book is so much better, we are tying to combat the horrible traffic. Download an audio book and listen to a riveting story from your iPod, you will completely lose track of time. If you are not a fan of books, I would recommend TED talks podcasts, and listen to inspirational speeches. 

9. Listen to the news

Keep up with the latest current events by listening to the news station, instead of having to open up a social media account or reading the newspaper.

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