How to Make the Best Out of Studying Online

Farida Abdel Malek
9/14/20, 12:00 AM

We talked before about how to be more productive studying from home and how to stop procrastinating, this time it's going to be a little different. Since, a lot of people have started studying online this year whether for college or for school, we thought we'd give you some tips for successful online studying to make sure you're maximizing the experience and taking everything you can out of it. 

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1. Leave the Pj's behind

A lot of you might feel like you're missing out on the college experience because you're not waking up everyday, getting dressed up and heading to class. However, try to put yourself in the right mindset and environment just as if you're attending a class. Wake up, have breakfast, get dressed up and don't stay in your pj's all day!

2. Socialize!

Also to try and maximize the college or school experience, get to know your class mates if you don't already. Text, email, talk on the phone, share notes and experiences. Try to not miss out on a lot of the things that would usually happen. You can even study together online for exams and discuss topics or papers through video calls. 

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3. Create a study corner

Create a study corner, whether it's for your kids for school or for yourself. Organize your desk, get your pens, papers and notebooks out. Create a comfy and inviting environment that you can customize how you like, unlike at school or uni. 

4. It's all about perspective

Try to rewire your mind and put yourself in the mindset every morning that your desk is your classroom and that you're heading there for classes, and on breaks or at the end of the day, you're leaving it behind completely and unwinding until the next day. 

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5. Don't hold back from contacting your teachers or professors

Just because you can't communicate with them face to face doesn't mean you shouldn't at all. You still have the right to ask as many questions and take their advice and tips during class or after. so make sure you don't lose track of that and talk to your professors as much as you can. Email them and ask for online meetings.

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Parent support tips for kids online learning: 

1. Make the experience realistic

For kids it's important to make the experience for them as realistic as possible. If you're able to set up desks for them and have the laptop with the teacher explaining be at the front of the room, maybe even with a small white board behind it so they can somewhat feel like they're in class. If you're helping them study, try to explain things to them on the board like a teacher would. 

2. Try to monitor them

If you can keep up with how they're doing with homework, exams and understanding their lessons weekly, it would really be helpful for you because the experience is going to be a lot different and so will their absorption of information and understanding. So, try to make sure that they're not falling behind and that this is working for them, so that if it's not you can adapt and make small changes until you find something that works and sticks. 

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3. Have a community 

You and your kids could be having a hard time socially, when it comes to a sense of a community. So talk to other parents, see what's helping them and working for them with their kids. Talk to the teachers as well, if your kids are struggling with a certain topic or not understanding a certain chapter. Also have them talk to other kids. You can also try and create fun studying sessions with other parents and their kids online. 

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