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| by Arabia Weddings

Tips to Decorate Large Wedding Venues

If you have chosen a large venue for your wedding, but just can’t decide how to decorate it the right way, here are some tips to help you out:

Add tall centerpieces to lower the ceiling.

- Bring the outdoors in, and fill your hall with small trees and plants.

- Make sure you have enough waiters and staff members to cover the whole area so things can run smoothly.

- Large venues can be overwhelming and your guests might need to be guided by lights, candles, or plants to know their whereabouts.

- Instead of a buffet or bar, have waiters cater to your guests to save them the trouble of standing in line or walking for long distances.

- Divide the hall into sections, add some curtains or decorations and separate the hall. For example, separate the dining area from the dancing area.

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