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| by Arabia Weddings

What Not to Say to a Bride

We’ve heard it from so many brides, time and time again: “I can’t believe she said that!” Or “How could he say that to me?” It’s true that most brides tend to get more sensitive as the wedding approaches, but sometimes, we just need to be careful about what we say to or in front of the bride, because we could be hurting her feelings without our knowing!

Here are a few things you should try to avoid saying to any bride:

“The groom is not going to like your dress.” You can’t possibly know the groom more than the bride does! If the bride likes the dress and can imagine herself getting married in it, she probably knows that her groom will like it as well.

“I don’t like your dress.” This sentence might be allowed if you’re going dress shopping with her and she asked you to be completely honest with her. But if the bride already picked out her dress, and she’s showing it to you, then there’s nothing your comment is going to change (Except her mood!) Besides, taste is very subjective and every bride has her own style and image of how she wants to look on her big day.

“Don’t invite him/her.” It’s her special day at the end of the day, and she gets to invite whoever she wants. So if there’s someone you would rather not see at the wedding, you’re just going to have to put your feelings aside and act civil when you see them for the bride’s sake.

“You still haven’t?” Every bride is going to be stressed out before her wedding; and she’s going to have a million things on her to-do list! It’s not going to help if you remind her just how late she is for her dress fitting, booking her DJ, printing out the invitations, etc. The best thing to do is to try and help her with her wedding tasks, not remind her how late she is, or how bad a job she’s doing planning her wedding!

“Why aren’t you on a diet?” The weight topic is one of the most sensitive issues to bring up in front of anyone, let alone a bride-to-be! Chances are she’s already thinking about it and stressed over it. Reminding her about it will only make her feel more under pressure, (and maybe snap at you!) Instead, keep telling her that she is beautiful just the way she is, and that her hubby-to-be loves her exactly the way she is.

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