There’s nothing worse than inviting people over, and then realizing that your house smells like the lunch you just made. And no matter how many windows you open to ventilate the house, the smell finds a way to linger all day long, and using artificial scents makes it actually worse. So, here’s an easy and fast recipe to make your house smell amazing, using only natural ingredients.


- 2 lemons (sliced)

- Rosemary

- 1 L. water

- Mint leaves

How to make it:

- In a large cooking pot, add the water and let it boil.

- While it boils, add the lemon slices, the rosemary, and the mint leaves. (You can replace these herbs with other that you like, like lavender or cloves.)

- Lower the heat and let the mixture simmer, the smell will be transmitted immediately from your kitchen to the house.