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10 Small Things You Do Unconsciously That Can Break-up Your Marriage

It’s easy in the beginning to know what your husband or your wife loves, and make things happen to make them happy; it’s always the little gestures that can make any relationship work. But have you ever thought about the small things that could break-up your marriage?

If a husband and a wife stop for a minute and think about the little things that could kill the love between them, they’ll be surprised! If you really want your marriage to go on happily, make sure to avoid these 10 small things you do unconsciously that can break-up your marriage.

1. If you complain all the time about how hard you work all day without initiating any positive changes, know that you’re leading your marriage to breakdown.

2. If you let your partner take all the decisions on their own all of the time, then why are you married in the first place? Being a lazy partner in the relationship can end any relationship easily.

3. If you make jokes about your partner in front of friends or family of something they feel insecure about , this will definitely affect your marriage badly.

4. If you forget about important dates, like anniversaries and birthdays! It might seem normal after several years of marriage, but it actually shows that you’re bored or taking things for granted. This shows that you both need to reignite the fire in this marriage before it falls apart.

5. If you stop trying to make your partner laugh or stop telling them sweet words every now and then, then be sure that you're slowly making things fade out between you two.

6. If you don’t kiss good morning or cuddle good night, then you and your partner are slowly drifting away, and that's one thing that can lead to marriage break-up.

7. If you stop taking interest in the things your partner likes and just let them do it on their own, that's a bad sign  for your marriage.

8. If you stop noticing the little things, like a new haircut or a clean shave, then you could be leading your marriage to a breakdown.

9. If you stop being there for your partner when you feel like they’re down, you're adding to the factors that lead to a marriage break-up.

10. If you start giving your partner sarcastic comments on something they said rather than communicating properly, then you might be leading your marriage to a break-up.

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