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10 Things Not to Do on a First Date

As much as a first date is full of excitement and possibilities, things can go wrong or just get a bit awkward. So here are a few things you should not do on a first date to keep things chill and smooth. But, make sure you always remember that the most important thing is to always be yourself! 

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What not to do on a first date:

1. Past Relationships

A first date might be a possibility for a new beginning, so why waste time talking about past relationships? Focus more on the present and leave the exes talk for later.

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2. Food Etiquette

We're not saying you shouldn't order whatever you like. But we can say from experience that spaghetti and burgers can be a little messy and distracting. Maybe go for something that's easier to handle and with less splattering so your fabulous outfit isn't compromised. 

3. Phones and Watch

Looking at your phone or watch can sometimes indicate that you might be bored or not interested and that's not the nicest way to communicate that. Leave the work emails, texting, Instagram and notifications until you're done.

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4. Not giving him a chance to talk

The key to an exciting first date is mutual communication. Don't forget to give him a chance to talk as well, and ask him questions, that way you'll also know him better. 

5. Your Outfit

Wear something you're comfortable in and something that expresses your personality. Don't just wear something because it's a typical date outfit. Wear something that is you and will leave you feeling confident and sexy.

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6. Taboos

While taboos are always exciting topics to talk about, and it's important to know where he stands, maybe leave the tense topics for a second date and stay away from religion and politics for now.

7. Keep the Cheque in Mind

Just in case he offers to pay, which you can say no if you want of course, try not to order something that's super expensive so that it's not too much for him.

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8. Keep it Fun

Make sure you're not being too serious or formal on your first date, keep things fun and just be yourself and comfortable.

9. Awkward Silence

It's only natural to come across that awkward silence during your first date, but it's up to both of you not to give into it. Think of outside the box topics you can talk about, share your opinions and make sure to keep it going.

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10. Messaging

After the date you can keep things fun and flirty, with texting, you can tell him if you enjoyed the date, but also don't forget to wait and see what he thought. Leave some space for him to say or give indications for how it went for him. 

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