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11 Signs You're in the Right Relationship

Are you looking for signs you're in the right relationship? All relationships are full of ups and downs, but there are some signs that show you're in a healthy relationship. In order to know whether your romance is going to last, here are the 11 signs you're in the right relationship...

1.  You can read one another extremely well.

In a healthy and strong relationship, you reach a point where the two of you know each other wholeheartedly. You can figure out if something is really bothering him or not and vice versa. He might not even need to say it, but for example, you can just tell by the way he talks.

2. You are very comfortable with one another.

You know you're in the right relationship when you don't shy out around him and you're completely yourself. Both of you act comfortable around each other and seeking perfection is just not your thing.

3. Your Lives are not dependent on one another.

 Another sign you're in the right relationship, is when both of you have your separate lives and appreciate some privacy. It's so healthy for a couple not to interfere in each other's lives and still spend time separately. 

4. You bring out the best in each others!

When both of you encourage one another to be better persons in general, then you know you're in the right relationship. Both of you understand work commitments and totally push one another to a better future without being selfish.

5. You show each other complete respect.

Because all couples fight, it's very important that both of you respect each other during any kind of argument. If you don't cross that borderline of decency and appreciate each others opinions, then it's the right kind of relationship.

6. You always remember the little things.

You and your partner should always remember the little things that come across your paths. You should also know that in this fast-paced life, we can be overwhelmed and unintentionally forget about things. If you're in the right relationship, you will make the sweet insignificant moments count.


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7. You trust each others completely.

The best relationships are always built on mutual trust. Both of you should never keep secrets from one another, because trust is simply the backbone of any relationship. If you do trust your partner, then this relationship is worth keeping.

8. Sorry is not the hardest word in the relationship.

 One important sign you're in the right relationship, is that both of you know how to say sorry and apologize. If you have done something that pissed off your loved one, you know creative ways to say sorry and make them smile.

9. Your support for one another is unconditional.

Being there for each other is one of the things that can tell you you're in the right relationship! Standing by each other in rough times will just bring you closer to each other, increasing the bond you have more and more. 

10. Acknowledging and accepting each other's differences.  

Accepting each other's differences is what a healthy relationship is all about. People have different interests, opinions and hobbies. If the two of you understand this clearly, then you can guarantee you're in the right relationship.

11. You forgive and forget.

Nobody is perfect and we all have a past. If you can let go of the past and still enjoy being together, then this shows you're in the right relationship.

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