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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

18 Things You Should Never Say to Newlyweds

Your best friend or a relative just got married? You’re trying to be friendly and open up a conversation so they can share with you their experience? However, there are things you should never say to newlyweds. Some questions can be very intimate, and you might sound like you’re intruding in their personal life. Also sometimes when you’re trying to advise someone out of good intention, it might end up ruining their relationship.

So to avoid any misunderstanding or awkwardness, take a quick look at the things you should never say to newlyweds.

1. The first thing you should never say to a newlywed is: the wedding was amazing, but you should’ve done this or that instead.

2. I am definitely not having my wedding at the venue you had your wedding at; it was too small, or too large.

3. You should avoid asking the newlywed about the cost of the wedding dress, venue, decorations, etc.

4. I think you spent too much money on your wedding; you could’ve saved it for something better.

5. You should never intrude in the wedding's guest list. Don't ask, why did you invite so and so? Nobody likes them.

6. A no-no question you should never ask a newlywed is: Show me your wedding ring, how many carats is it? Do you know how much it costs?

7. Did you know that nowadays most marriages end in divorce? Don’t say such a thing to a newlywed! Giving them such comment might sound very depressing.

8. You should never ask a newlywed when they’ll be expecting, or when they’re planning to have a baby. Don't even give them advice on the perfect timing to have a baby; couples do plan all those little details together!

9. Avoid questions like, are you quitting your job to be a stay-at-home wife?

10. Are you keeping your job after getting married, how will you manage? You will be just miserable.

11. Just so you don’t get your expectations high, the honeymoon is over. Things will get real from now on.

12. How much did it cost you to buy your house? Did you share the expenses?

13. How is your mother in law? Is she a monster in law?

14. Tell me his annoying habits. do you get on each other's nerves? 

15. Why are you staying home a lot lately? You’re becoming boring; marriage made you a boring person.

16. Are you taking any birth control pills? Do you know they have side effects?

17. Do you share monthly expenses?

18. Do you still love him/her the way you used to before marriage?

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