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Lifestyle Header image article main a list of sexy things to do for a wedding night you ll always remember

| by The Fustany Team

A List of Sexy Things to Do for a Wedding Night You'll Always Remember

A perfect wedding night is the aim of every bride and groom, and achieving it is very easy if you follow some pretty simple tips. So, hear us up brides-to-be, leave the stress away, and think of your wedding night in a romantic way. Your wedding night is the first night you’ll be officially united with your husband under one roof, and you’ll be able to share and explore new feelings together. So, instead of worrying, think of sexy and romantic ways to enjoy your wedding night together.

1. When you pick your wedding night lingerie, pick something you’ll feel confident in, something that suits your body, but don’t forget to choose a sexy piece too!

2. Before the wedding day, take your husband and make him choose a perfume for you that both of you really like. This perfume will only be worn on your wedding night, to always be remembered on your wedding anniversaries!

3. If you think of wedding night sex as a mission, you’ll only feel scared and stressed, so you better think of a way to enjoy the night. You can sit down and have a small talk about how much you’re happy you’re finally together, this will also help you get comfortable by talking about what you expect from one another.

4. Put on some light music to relax, the playlist you choose must be romantic and relaxing for both of you.

5. Ask your husband to give you a back massage and offer to give him a massage afterwards; this way you’ll de-stress and get comfortable.

6. If you’re feeling tired, then don’t be afraid to tell your husband that you’d like to postpone it for tomorrow. You can cuddle and enjoy each other’s company.

7. Don’t load up on heavy food; pick sexy food, like cherries, chocolate, and strawberries to eat together while you’re talking.

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