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15 Sex Facts They Don't Tell You

Don't shy away, we should be talking about sex and learning as much as we can about it, wether you're having it or not yet. This is merely an article to get your sex facts and expectations set, as much as possible. If you're about to have sex for the first time, you're probably experiencing all sorts of feelings, ranging from excitement, anxiety to being overwhelmed...

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That is completely normal, remember that. You probably had 'the talk' with your mother, sister or best friend, or you might not have and just know things from movies or online. However sometimes, there are bits of information that get left out or misrepresented. So we decided to gather up some sex facts and information they don't tell you and are often left out. 

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Sex facts that are often forgotten about:

1. Sex isn't like in the movies, it doesn't go on for hours. On average, sex lasts for 10 minutes. But of course it depends of the person, time and foreplay.

2. Contrary to what movies would have us believe, it is not that common for the couple to orgasm at the same time.

3. Due to lubrication and ejaculations during intercourse, do not expect to have clean dry bed sheets after sex.

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4. Women experience an increase in sexual desire before their period, meaning during the time they are ovulating. 

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5. Women can orgasm an unlimited amount of times during sex, however a lot of women don't orgasm from penetration alone.

6. Purchasing lube is nothing to shy away from, in fact lube can reduce pain during sex and increase satisfaction.

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7. Women tend to have a radiant glow after sex, as their estrogen levels double.

8. Some commonly seen or 'popular' sex positions might not work for you or could be fun but might not help you get an orgasm. 

9. It is normal to want a nap after sex, as you just exerted some effort. Also after sex, oxytocin is released, a hormone that calms your body and induces sleep. 

10. Sometimes the clitoris can be too sensitive to the touch. Although it the key part for having an orgasm, sometimes intense pressure or stimulus, directly on it can be uncomfortable. Then, you can ask your partner to go softer or try slightly different spots. 

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11. Women's bodies are sensitive during intercourse. So if you feel any sort of pain or pressure, it is normal, and make sure you communicate it to your partner. However, if any pain or uncomfortable feeling persists make sure you check it up with a doctor!

12. Orgasms are not easy to have and a lot of women struggle with them. They need communication. The women understanding and knowing her body, and what works for her is important. She can then communicate that to him so he can put in the effort and know exactly what to do to.

13. Men don't just get erections from physical touch. Sensory stimulation can give them erections are well.

14. The first time isn't necessarily great. In fact the first couple of times might be a bit of a struggle. There could be pain and difficulty in the beginning, because of the unfamiliarity of it all, and of course the vagina might be a bit stiff because of not being used to having any sort of penetration inside it.

15. An active lifestyle could really help the stamina in bed. A complete lack of one could make it a little harder.

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