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How to Make Up with Your Man After a Fight

So you just had quite the heated argument with your man, and it was your fault. Contrary to romantic comedies, sometimes women do screw up. What are you going to do about it? Sleep it off? Give the silent treatment and see who cracks first, or maybe even just ignore the conflict and move on with your day as if nothing happened? Though these strategies can work sometimes, it is always better to make up with your man after a fight and go to bed happier. Don't you agree?

1. For a happy mood, sometimes you need to make sacrifices. One of you has to compromise and reach the 'I am sorry' point, to open up a smoother means of communication. Which means it will be easier to talk things out and reach a conclusion leaving both of you happier. 

2. Spoil your man rotten. Believe it or not, just as much as we like to be pampered, so do men. They say the key to a man's heart is through his stomach, so try making him his favorite sandwich or muffins.

3. Play the cute card. Bring out old photo albums or old funny pictures, he is bound to smile when he looks at them. 

4. A change of scenery is always a great idea. Be spontaneous, get up , dress up and take him out. Go have some fun, or watch a late movie, maybe even go for a walk. 

5. Try to get him to laugh, whether it is with a funny joke, GIF, or memory. 

6. Positive reinforcement works. Try complimenting him and reminding him of why you love him. He will not be able to ignore the sweet words you're saying. 

7. Don't dwell on the argument for long. Try to open up another topic to talk about, something of interest to him, like cars. After you get him talking for a while, his mood will slowly begin to shift. 

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