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| by Omar Al Sharif

Love and 30 Other Things

I don’t know what is happening lately, everything seems so fast paced, and the salad portions the girls are eating at the office are shrinking every other day. It was a Friday evening, and as usual, my Friday ritual starts with me reading my favorite blogs and magazines in bed and chatting with my close friends on WhatsApp. Our chats are a daily detox therapy for my girlfriends. Yes, girlfriends, plural. They come in every shape and size, and with little to hide. I have become as many men fear, in the friends’ zone, even worse, the man counselor. The guy they all talk to, to get advice from. “Is he cheating on me? Should I really show some cleavage? Will he even notice?” “OMG, guess what, the guy at the office smiled at the girl next to me today, I guess he will ask me out soon.” Yes, I usually have to be the one that gives them the wakeup call, and believe me it's fun. Before the ugly cry that is.

Last Friday, the girls at Fustany.com urged me to use my knowledge to help you out! At first I thought, NO HELL NO! But guess what, two steaks later, and with promises to get me an original signed poster of Miranda Kerr. I agreed to write a…well, let's not call it a self help column, it’s more of my perspective rather than that of your hairdresser on relationships, love and men in the most blunt and funny way there is.

Starting today, I will start answering questions from the readers. So please, keep them coming. Can’t wait to hear all about your man trouble. To have your question answered, send me an email to slapmeplease@fustany.com.

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