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| by Jennifer Barreto-Leyva

Loving Yourself is the Most Pure Love in the World

Loving ourselves in a world that is constantly putting pressure on us and telling us a new version how to be ‘perfect’ ‘beautiful’ ‘lovable’ and the list goes one, can be the biggest challenge ever. You can be labelled as rebel, too loud, big mouth, too bossy...should I go on with the names? I have been told all of them, trust me. This happened to me too. You are not alone! I am too tall, too fat, too opinionated, eyebrows too bushy, too white for a Latina, way to educated and achieved way to many and important things as a woman and so... 

According to studies, we are bombarded with an average of 21 hours daily through advertisements, tv and magazines (mainstream media) on how we should look, what is beautiful, our ‘flaws’, how to have a perfect life and many more. The big question is: who has the authority to say how should we look? Who gave anyone the right to point to our face and body and say “this is beautiful, this is ugly and because of that you are worthy and you are not” Who?! The damage this has caused in old and new generations has no measure and it can be really serious depending on every country and culture. No one has escaped from this unfortunately. Specially us women, the pressure to look certain way is in all of us. To the point that we are somehow educated from an early age to judge other peoples appearance. Just like that. This is not healthy and we need to stop this! 

We have the responsibility as adults to change this. It has become a serious problem and has grown dramatically with social media, filters and the unnecessary need of many to show the ‘perfect’ face, ‘perfect’ body and ‘perfect’ life. We need to understand we are all beautiful, we are all worthy, there is no such a thing as flaws (every time I hear this word I feel like a broken toy) and no, someone’s value doesn’t depend on the looks, size, race or gender. If you don’t believe me, check the story of amazing women such as Susan Boyle to name just one. Luckily we have millions of stories of amazing people around the world that do not fit into the media ‘perfection’ ideal of beauty and teach us a lesson that should be repeated until there is no need: we are all beautiful, we are all worthy. 

Loving yourself shouldn’t be a brave act anymore, because it's just the right thing to do. You own it girl! Love your nose, your eyebrows, your cellulite, your big hips, your tiny stomach, all of you! We as women need to start embracing ourselves and stop supporting and justifying all the wrong things that have been going on in the media and advertisement. The self love times has begun and no one can stop this now! Have you been told you are ‘too much of this or that’? Have you been called ugly, exotic, weird? Share your story with me, let’s start this conversation! And don't forget, you are beautiful because you are you. Never doubt yourself for others opinions, remember every single person is projecting their insecurities on you. You are not what they say of you. Until next time beautiful!

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