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| by The Fustany Team

Nine Annoying Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man

Ladies, we all have our nagging moments, and sometimes we even do it without realizing it. So, we thought we’d share with you a list of nine annoying questions you should never ask your man. Trust us on this, once you stop with the nagging, you man will be a lot more happier. 

1. When will you be back?

Or anything that falls under this category, are the types of questions you should't nag your man with. Let them want to come back home to you on their own terms, not due to your nagging.

2. Are we there yet? 

You're both sitting in the car waiting to arrive, so asking how much time is left or are we there yet, are questions you should not nag your man with. Make the most of your ride and enjoy it, rather than making the mood a tensed one.

3. Do you think I’m fat?

There is a 100% chance your man will tell you he thinks you are beautiful, just the way you are. So, stop asking that annoying question. If you think you gained some weight, then hit the gym or do something about it. 

4. How much do you love me?

Some men have trouble with words, so if he says, ‘I love you,’ no need to ask him, how much? It should mean enough that he says it.

5. Can you fix this for me? 

The ultimate annoying question every woman asks her man is, when will you fix it? If it’s been two months, you're probably not in a hurry to have it fixed, so do not nag. If you really want something fixed, figure out how to do it and fix it yourself. Better yet, hire someone to do it for you, if all else fails. But nagging and asking that annoying question will get you nowhere, it will only create a fight.

6. Who are you on the phone with?

Every relationship should be based on trust. If you feel the need to ask your man that annoying question after every phone call, then you need to re-evaluate your relationship

7. Should I change my outfit?

He probably thought you looked great the first time around, and he’ll probably tell you that the outfit you are currently wearing is amazing. If you want to change into something better, do it for yourself, and don’t bombard your man with annoying questions.

8. What are you thinking right now? 

There is a 90% chance he will say nothing, which will lead you to ask that annoying question one more time. Take it as a rule, if a man wants to talk and share his thoughts, he will on his own terms. Your nagging will get you nowhere.

9. Why don’t you say nice things to me?

Ladies, stop that urge where you need a man to tell you a compliment to feel good about yourselves. If he loves you and treats you well, you don’t need to annoy him with questions like that. If he thinks of something on his own terms and says it to you, it will count for much more.

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