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Six Obvious Signs a Guy Is Flirting with You

Everyone is a little flirt deep inside. While sometimes it can be really difficult to figure out his attitude towards you, there are really some obvious signs that you can never neglect. Make sure to watch out for the unconscious and conscious acts he does in order to end the confusion. There are few subtle and proven points to show if a guy is interested in you, so check out these six obvious signs a guy is flirting with you:

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1. The eyes

Eyes can't really hide anything. If a guy is flirting with you, the most obvious way to figure out if he's into you, is through eye contact. A flirty smile along with a sexy look can really say it all.

2. Physical contact

Did you notice him being a little touchy in any possible way? Even if he's just trying to annoy you, a simple touch here or there means something because it's just about all the little details.

3. Midnight calls

Does he find excuses to call you? Let's just rephrase that, does he always manage to find something to tell you especially towards midnight? A late night call surely means that's he's thinking of you and he just can't hide it.

4. Text messages

Mirror carefully his texting pattern girl! Some guys just show their care through texting, for example, making sure you got home safely and stuff like that. Also, when you get a random a text like 'you looked good today' definitely shows that he has some interest in you.

5. Joking around

When a guy is interested in you, a sure sign is when he tries to crack a joke here and there. Because so many guys know that girls fall for funny guys, you will find a guy sharing lots of funny thoughts just to impress. 

6. Noticing the small things 

We all know that most guys have almost very little attention to detail, so make sure to really appreciate it when he mentions your new hair cut or the way you did your eye makeup. He must be really into you to notice the tiny changes you did. A compliment here or there is a way to figure out his special manner.

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