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The Perks of Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

They say there is nothing better than falling in love with your best friend! While some might argue against that, we’ve decided to show you the perks of falling in love with your best friend. Trust us, they are A LOT! 

1. Avoid the awkwardness.

Your first date will actually be a lot more relaxing, because you already know so much about each other.

2. You’ll make up faster.

While the fights maybe hard, because there is nothing worse than fighting with your best friend. So you will want to resolve the situation faster.

3. You already know so much about them.

Another perk of falling in love with your best friend, is that you won't need to have the cliche first few dates, where you get to know the other person. You can skip right to the fun.

4. You’ll know how to surprise them.

Whether it is a home cooked meal or just a gift, you know what they like and dislike, no need to guess and take your chances when getting them something.

5. You know all about their past.

No surprise ex-girlfriends to pop up. You know who they dated and when, so no need to have that awkward conversation. 

6. Your friends will TOTALLY approve. 

Chances are they have already been rooting for you the whole time. Plus, you won’t need to set up the uncomfortable, ‘meet the friends outing’ and hope they like your new man.

7. Meeting the parents will be so much easier.

One of the greatest perks of falling in love with your best friend is that your parents probably already love the guy! So having him over for a family get together will feel much more relaxed.

8. Expectations are probably met.

Since you probably talked a lot about what you want of your partner, you will make sure to be that person for one  another.

9. You discover a whole other side of them.

You thought your best friend was sweet, but wait till you see the ‘in love’ sweetness you're about to get. 

10. No need to worry about judgement.

Since you tell your friends everything, you won’t think twice or wonder whether or not you should tell them a piece of information about him.

11. They’ve seen you at your worst

So you won’t ever have to worry about looking or acting your best. A best friend has been there and seen it all, they love you regardless.

12. Honesty is the best policy.

Best friends can always tell when you are lying, so you are better off choosing honesty at all times, and all good relationships are based on honesty.

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