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| by Heba Abohemed

Smiling Is the Power of Life

I always smile and laugh a lot, but people rarely understand the real meaning behind my smile. Recently I recognized that smiling is the key of the power in our life, if you are interested to know how, continue reading...

1. We smile when we are happy, or hear good news. 

2. We smile when we meet our friends to show them how we are pleased to see them.

3. Your eyes and month smile while clapping or during dancing don't they? We do that to encourage our friends to join us.

4. Our sadness and fears disappear behind a small smile.

5. Remember your reaction when you saw the first steps of your baby or when heard their first word, try to remember and you will find that magical smile. 

6. What did you do when you saw your best friend on her big day? 

7. Have you ever tried to learn driving? And after a lot of practicing you finally did it...What about parking? You must have smiled and said 'Yaaay!'

8. Just four letters but they have a huge power on our life and we seem to overlook it, you can change the world, impress, inspire and motivate others with just a smile! 

9. Turned the pages of an old book that you love? Saw old pictures from your childhood? That will make you smile as well... 

10. You smile when you listen to a song you love or when you watch your favorite movie or  the show 'Friends'

Tell me...How do you feel now? With a smile you can help people see your inner beauty and the beauty of their lives. Guess how many miracles just a simple facial reaction can achieve? 

Main Image credit:s Via Well + Good

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