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These 8 Ideas Will Get You and Your Husband Excited About Date Night

Relationships can reach a rut of repeating date night over and over again every weekend. You both want to relax and get your mind off work, so you're going for the safe option of eating at your favorite romantic rooftop restaurant where the waiters now know your order before you can even say "Table for two, please". Maybe it's time to change things up a bit. This weekend, pull yourself out of your comfort zone and get inspired by this list of fresh date ideas.

1. Flip a coin

We've all been through the "What do you wanna do?"s and the "No you pick!"s. They get hectic and lead you to falling right back into the routine. Add spontaneity and excitement by flipping a coin on it. You each pick something different and you must go with the winner's choice.

2. Bookish

Pull a 'New York couples' style date and hit the bookstore. Pick a book you both find interesting and go lie down in a park and read it together. This could get you discussing topics and ideas together which can be really fun and give you major first date vibes.

3. Sweat it out

Seeing your partner work out can be really sexy. Go to the gym together for a change. This will also help you motivate each other to keep moving towards your summer body goals.

4. Cruisin'

You know that feeling of just wanting to get in your car and drive around all night with the windows down and chill music playing? Well, next time you get that incline, take your husband with you. Hold hands and just enjoy the stillness. The music will put you in a relaxed, romantic mood that will have you both all smiley the next day.

5. Music is sexy

Go dancing together! There is nothing sexier than jammin' and singing to your partner your favorite songs. Dress up (ditch the heels) and find where your favorite band is playing and prepare yourselves for a night of laughs and goosebumps.

6. City of Stars

Stargazing will never get old or cheesy. Even ask Ryan Gosling... we all know the effects of a starry night. Drive up somewhere high in the city to escape the noise and get a clearer view of the sky. Park your car and rest against it as you admire the night. I know! dreamy.

7. Compete? Team Up?

If you're having trouble finding common ground and you're arguing a lot, maybe you need some team exercises. Laser tag and paintball are a good place to start; just have fun and communicate. If you don't have that problem, then competing can actually be really sexy. Teasing each other can get you both excited and playful.

8. Game Night

Don't feel like leaving the house? Find the sexy competition between your four walls. Get the board games and crackers out. Bet on winning, it can be something you want your partner to offer in the bedroom or as simple as "who's doing the dishes tonight?" Oh, and don't forget video games. Guys love having their girl join in on a game of FIFA.

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