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7 Steps for Spending a Beautiful Christmas Night with Your Husband at Home

A lot of women complain that their husbands spending more time with their friends than they do at home with their wives. Every holiday or special event, she finds herself either at home alone waiting for him to come home after spending the night with his friends, or sitting next to him on the couch getting the feeling that he's irritated and bored. When you have kids it becomes especially harder to spend a nice night together. With Christmas Eve coming up, a special beautiful night for family to spend together, there is no doubt that most women would love to spend Christmas night with their husbands enjoying a jolly cozy night together.

We've gathered a few steps to make Christmas night special, unique and entertaining for you and your husband:

Plan ahead

Let's just say that most of us wait for spontaneity and 'in the moment' decisions when it comes to romance especially. However, with our daily responsibilities and busy schedules, the romance gets left behind and forgotten. That's why if you want to spend a romantic Christmas night with your hubby, it is better that you plan it beforehand.

Be straightforward

We tend to often forget that with men, we need to be crystal clear about what we want and that our hints are usually not noticed or forgotten. So, be very frank and honest and tell him you want to spend a special Christmas night with him.

Avoid conflict before your Christmas celebrations

If you want to spend a nice, loving night with him, you should know that the days leading up to that night have a huge impact on it. The more you've been calm, loving and good together, the more likely you will have a beautiful romantic night conflict free. So try as much as you can to minimize the husband-wife arguments.

Pick a few movies together

Ask your husband to choose 2 or 3 movies with you to watch together that night. Make sure the movies you both choose are in a genre that you both enjoy watching and not leaning to one's taste over the other.


Some people get bored from spending a night at home, so make sure you plan out some things you can do together so he doesn't get bored and enjoys his time at home, like cooking together or making drinks or playing board games or sex games!

Gift swaps

It's a beautiful thing to show your partner how much you care and appreciate all their hard work into life and the relationship. Small sentimental gifts are a cute way to express that. Make sure you prepare a special gift for him, and even if he's not used to buying you a Christmas gift, this gesture will remind him to, so you can swap gifts each year and have beautiful memories.

Make time for sex

As the night starts to end, make sure you leave some time to get close and intimate and end the night with some love making. This way you'll both wake up in a great loving mood towards each other.

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