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The 18 Weird Things People Do/Say Right After Sex

Hormones, emotions, lust and excitement, a combination that leads to a dangerous amount of unexpected actions. Mostly great things, but sometimes an aftereffect of interestingly bizarre behaviors, very common ones. If you take a look at what the internet has to say about the weird things people do right after sex, you will get yourself in a cycle of laughter and confusion.

We can easily bet that you and your partner can check off at least 5 points from the list below, we can also bet that you're reading this now in bed with him after you've done the deed.

1. Put some clothes on before leaving the bed, as if you and him hadn't just seen each other fully naked for at least 15 minutes straight.

2. Say that this was the best one so far. Yes, we know it feels like it really was at the time.

3. Laugh for a good 10 minutes for absolutely no reason.

4. Cry. The emotional one of you gets the tears going when the cuddling starts, along with at least 15 'I love yous' said from the time you were having an orgasm up until the cuddling session.

5. Ask your partner if they just faked an orgasm. "You were much louder and much more into it last time!"

6. Ask again and again if, in his case, he forgot to use protection. "I'll take the 'morning after' pill just in case."

7. "Did the condom break? Are you sure? CHECK AGAIN!" "For God's sake i'm ovulating!"

8. ...Or in other cases, "OMG, yay, I think I'm actually pregnant this time, I can feel it."

9. You both give each other the side eye of 'Let's go for Round 2?' Even though you're both so exhausted and could barely get through round 1.

10. Check that the kids are still sleeping after your wild night and weren't woken up by the mattress springs, in desperate need of changing.

11. Have the deep talk of discussing life's many great mysteries and unanswered questions.

12. Ask why the other person hasn't shaved... Well if it bothered you so much, why didn't you mention it before you started?

13. In some cases, forgetting to make sure the other person had an 'equally' good time and moving on to taking a shower.

14. Smoking a cigarette. If you're a smoker, first of all quit! Second of all, you know nothing beats the cigarette after sex.

15. Call your best friend with the infamous, "Was that supposed to happen?!"

16. Check Instagram. We have no idea why actually... please help us out if you know the reasoning behind this.

17. "Damn! Where and how did you learn that last move?"

18. Fall asleep without saying goodnight or cuddling. You practically pass out after the first climax.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @inthefrow

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