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12 Guys Tell Us What They Find to Be the Sexiest Thing About a Woman

We all know by now that we the world has positively moved to a place where women are starting to not give a damn what people or men have to say about them. Our inspiration for this article was not to tell women what sexy is, but to show them how diverse and different sexy is to different men. There is no actual definition of sexy, and what guys find attractive is completely relative to them and their own needs. 

However, thankfully, a lot of responses we got from men had a common ground in them finding confidence to be sexy. Another great proof that being yourself and owning who you are is the sexiest thing you can be for yourself and for him. 

So, we asked a couple of guys what they find sexy in women and we got some interesting responses. If you're curious about what men find sexy about women, read on...

"Having a mind of her own and being different from others." 

"Making the first move. Also, when she's quiet and reserved but spontaneous and fun in the sheets." 

"Being Independent." 

"Her eyes." 

"A sexy girl is confident, knows what she’s doing and isn’t waiting for anyone’s approval, but she is not so confident that she will ever let it make her believe she is better than other people. She appreciates her uniqueness, but also realizes other people's." 

"Dancing without caring what anyone thinks. She's flexible and maintains eye contact."

"A sexy woman can flirt. She can smile at you in a way that will make you think of her all day, without having to do anything else."

"Confidence, but modest confidence." 

"Her voice."

"Natural girls are very attractive. There's too many pretentiousness nowadays and overdoing it with everything." 

"Passion and humbleness." 

"For me the sexiest woman is a self-reliant, successful woman who knows how to dress up."

"Having athletic hobbies, seeing her wearing my clothes or wearing an oversized t-shirt around the house."

"Her skin, when she has soft skin, omg."

"Independence is sexy." 

"Caring, passionate, driven, and is able to defend herself. "

"Confidence, transparency, passion and positivity."

Conclusion is, it's fun and sexy to know what some guys love in us, but loving yourself and being confident in your own sexiness is very important.

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