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Which Type of Girlfriend Are You?!

It is only normal that as humans, we don’t see our own imperfections or faults. But this is why we're bringing you the traits of almost every existing type of girlfriend there is for you to know. Finding out more about the different types of girlfriends, you might be able to know which one can you relate to more, and then evaluate yourself and your status. So keep on reading, and find out which type of girlfriend are you.

1. The psychotic girlfriend.

As women, we suffer from mood swings, but there is a fine line between being moody and psychotic. You’re allowed to get irritated or just feel sad. But what it’s not acceptable, is to be a sweet angel and then unexpectedly decide to throw a tantrum at your boyfriend’s face. A psychotic girlfriend also builds up stories in her head, and then starts acting upon them...like thinking he may not be really in love with her, so she decides to react upon this belief.

2. The Who’s on the phone?’ girlfriend.

We’ve all seen Beyoncé throw a quick sneak peek at Jay Z’s phone while he was texting. This is something very normal to do, but what might be a little bit much is having this as a habit. Going through his texts when he’s not there, or constantly asking him who’s on the phone won’t make you feel more secure or more in control. It will only make you look nosy and make him feel under pressure, and eventually will break the trust respect between you both.

3. The ‘Why was your phone out of reach for 15 minutes?’ girlfriend.

Your guy might feel flattered by your jealousy, but let’s be serious... If you constantly doubt everything he says, and always wonder what’s really going on between him and that pretty girl you’re jealous of like crazy, then why are you even dating that guy? Being really jealous will only tear your nerves apart. If deep down you know he loves you, just relax and have some confidence.

4. The ‘I can’t even function when my boyfriend is not around’ girlfriend.

This girl likes to hang-out every day with him, call him, text him and know every single detail about his day. She doesn't see her girlfriends anymore, because obviously he can’t hang-out on girls night in. Don’t be clingy, you might feel happy for a while to have him all the time, but after some time he’ll get bored and might even feel chocked. Problems will rise between you two, because of too much closeness. Leaving a good amount of personal space will help you build a healthy relationship. Don’t be too dependent on him!

5. The ‘I like to share all our happy couple moments’ girlfriend.

You’ll find this girl’s Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat full of pictures of her and her boyfriend, quotes about how much she loves him, funny posts with a caption that says ‘this is so us,’ etc. There’s nothing wrong with sharing every pictures of you and your loved one every now and them, but you don’t need to give every insight of your relationship out to people. This is mostly a sign of low confidence in that relationship, so put your phone down and focus on making things truly work, not only on social media, but also in real life.

6. The ‘When are you going to propose?’ girlfriend.

This girl will probably ask her boyfriend every other day about his future plans, and if she is included? She'll even keep suggesting that he should introduce himself to her parents. This type of girl usually chases the boys, but she must know that nagging and being this straight-forward about it won’t help her get what she wants. 

7. The ‘I am comfortable in my own skin and I love you too’ girlfriend.

Let’s all try and be this girl! This girl is confident of herself and her relationship. She can balance between all the previous traits and still be reasonable. It’s okay to get jealous, feel like you need to see him right now or share a photo or two on social media, but when everything is done in moderation, it becomes perfection rather than an imperfection. So we can only hope that everyone finds a balancing point!

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