Nobody said breakups were easy, and I'd say most of us have been through them; it's something we all try to avoid, but we all end up going through it. We go through a lot of emotions after a breakup, and the thought of leaving a loved one is very difficult. There are a few post-breakup mistakes that are easy to make and should be avoided. Radwa El Sherbiny is well-known for her show that empowers women, and she is constantly giving advice to girls, much like your older sister. So, here are 10 things not to do after a break up according to Radwa El Sherbiny.

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1. Do not let your friend call him

If he calls you back or visits you in the hospital, it is out of pity, not love, according to Radwa El Sherbiny. We all know that our bestie will go above and beyond for us, but if she offers to call him and tell him, it is best to say no and keep things between you two; involving more people will only make things awkward for both partners.

2. Don't overshare on social media

According to Radwa El Sherbiny, one of the things you should avoid doing after a breakup is over-posting pictures of yourself happy and out with your friends to show that you haven't been affected by the breakup and that you're carrying on with your life as if nothing has happened. You don't want to share posts and memes about toxic partners and how life is better when you're single. Please don't; instead, give yourself some space to process what happened and how you feel about it. As much as I truly hate saying it, there is plenty of fish in the sea. I know you want this fish, but there is a better fish out there for you.

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3. Please, no extreme makeovers

Most of us want a makeover when we're feeling down, but Radwa El Sherbiny says it's one of the things you should avoid after a breakup. This is most likely not the haircut you desired, but at the time you thought to yourself, "Oh, this is what I want," and then you look in the mirror and the panic begins. To clear your mind, it's best to divert your attention to something else, such as working out or attending yoga classes.

4. Please do not contact his friends or family

According to Radwa Sherbiny, calling his friends or family to check on them is a big no-no because you want to move forward rather than backward, and calling his friends is a step back. You don't have to contact them because they are his people. Instead, surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you and will support you, and use this time to meet new people.

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5. Going to places where he hangs out is out of the question

According to Radwa El Sherbiny, after a breakup, some people go to the same places they used to go when they were in a relationship. It's best to avoid going to places where you know you might run into him; you're still healing, and going to those places won't help you. Instead, take the time to explore new places and create new memories.

6. Stop stalking him on social media

Stalking your ex on social media is never a good idea because it will open wounds if you haven't healed from the breakup. It is best to pass the time by watching Netflix or following inspirational accounts on Instagram to help you get through this process. It's okay; it's a slow process, but you'll get there, and remember that he's someone from the past who you don't need to think about in the present.

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7. If you aren't used to sharing posts, don't start after your breakup

Don't do anything out of the ordinary after a breakup. If you are not used to sharing on social media, do not begin sharing after the breakup. If you want to wish your friends a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year, do so privately rather than publicly.

8. Don't give him his gifts back if he hasn't asked for them

Don't call him and give him his gift back if he didn't ask for it. If you don't want to be reminded of your relationship on a regular basis, donate the items he gave you. If he does request his belongings, simply place them in a box and leave them with your house's guard; you do not need to see him.

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9. Don't let your friend call him to try to persuade him to reconsider the breakup

You don't want your friend to call your ex and talk about the breakup and try to work things out. If you're wondering why, it's because this was a relationship between you and him that you didn't want to involve other people in, so it's best to keep things between the two of you even after you've broken up.

10. If you're thinking about making a fake account to talk to him, think twice

Some girls do this after a breakup, and it is not good for your mental health. Making a fake account to talk with him. This will not help you progress; instead, it will keep you stuck in the current phase. Instead, take a break from social media and try out some new hobbies.

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