I have come across articles addressed at men with titles “Date a Girl who Reads”, “If She Cooks – MarryHer!”, “Look for a Partner who likes to Travel”, which are all quite interesting in their own unique perspective. However, there has been little attention given to women who have a passion for a certain practice, such as yoga, which actually makes them interestingly very “date-able” and “partner-able”. I am a yogini and I am going to share with you why you should consider dating a yogini.

Yoginis are flexible

Stating the obvious of course, but they are not just flexible in that sense (although it is good bonus), they are open-minded and have a flexible mentality. Taking them out on a date couldn’t be more fun and exciting– they are always open to new things and they go with the flow. They are very adventurous and are constantly seeking new experiences, just make sure you keep up! They strive to be strong and flexible physically, which also reflects on their personality and actions. Rigidity does not do well in relationships.

Yoginis are healthier

There are two angles to this: One, they are more aware of their habits and make healthier eating choices,and let’s face it, it’s contagious. Everyone wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, whether its picking up a new habit or letting go of a bad one, and most people need an extra nudge or encouragement to get around to doing what they want to do. Being with a partner who practices healthier habits will definitely give you positive encouragement to have a better lifestyle. Two, they are also physically healthier and really no one wants to date someone who is sick most of the time. Practicing yoga boosts immunity, increases blood flow to the organs, and slows down aging.

Yoginis are “real” and non-judgmental

There is more to them than just the material-world so impressing them superficially is not going to work.They will not judge you by the mistakes you’ve made, how much money you have in the bank, or your luxurious brands. However, you will impress them by how driven you are to get up again, aligning your actions to your values, treating others and how you do not lose sight of what is important in your life.

Yoginis are self-lovers

I’ve saved the best for last, yoginis have a high sense of self-love. Caring for the self is a foundation for a healthy and sustainable relationship. If she can care well for herself, imagine how she would care for her partner. A yogini eats healthy, takes care of her well-being and practices yoga – why? Because she loves to feel “good”. It all starts with you, if you can’t love yourself unconditionally and fully, you can’t fully loveeach other. Let’s be honest, you want to be fully loved and cared for by your partner.