Bond with Your Partner with These Couple Meditation Exercises And Games
Mariam Youssef
11/23/22, 2:00 PM

Your or your partner's lack of mindfulness may eventually cause major relationship problems. When two people are involved, tension might arise, and that is normal. However, if you don't try to reduce the tension, identify its root causes, and practice harmony and compassion instead, nothing will improve.

This being said, every partnership implies a constant process of learning and personal development, even if your relationship is going well. Mindfulness is definitely something you can do on your own. But doing it with your partner is a method to strengthen your relationship in the long run by increasing your mutual respect, intimacy, and understanding. Therefore, we’ll show you some couple meditation exercises and games to strengthen your relationship and bond.

Let’s start with the meditation exercises:

1. Tantra Yoga

Your flexibility and that of your partner do matter when doing certain yoga poses. Although you can adjust the poses to your comfort level, keep in mind that the focus of this practice is on being present and sensing your partner's presence. Two strategies to improve your sense of connection are eye and bodily contact.

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2. Acro Yoga

Acro yoga, which combines yoga and acrobatics, does call for a certain level of physical fitness from the participants. The fact that acro yoga poses require a partner makes it a fantastic mindfulness exercise. These poses not only enhance physical athletic ability and strength, but also foster a strong spiritual bond and mutual trust between partners.

3. Visualizing Love

You don't have to learn how to perform yoga if it isn't your thing. This is one of the simplest and most approachable mindfulness exercises for couples. Together with your partner, start by defining your relationship vision. Discuss your future plans for your relationship with one another. What do you expect from your relationship and your shared life? Ask your spouse how they feel about love.

Write down your dreams for your relationship with your partner in order to visualize your love. For instance, participate in enjoyable activities at least once a month, refrain from using harsh language even when you disagree, and encourage each other's interests.

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4. Daily Affirmations

You may express to your partner what you value most about them and your relationship in only a few minutes each day. Likewise, request the same courtesy from your spouse. This simple exercise will strengthen your bond and alter how you regularly feel about your spouse.

5. Going on a Couples Retreat

You and your partner can practice mindfulness together by participating in a couples retreat. And although it is always beneficial to spend time with your loved one away from home and rekindle your relationship without the distractions of daily life, you don't always have the chance to do so.

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6. Joined Meditation Sessions

Couples can meditate together, despite the fact that it may appear like a rather individual activity. It could motivate you to take your meditation sessions more seriously if there is someone there to hold you accountable. This is a fantastic technique to strengthen the excellent energy you experience when meditating because you will be bouncing off of each other's positive energy.

Now let’s talk about couples’ bonding games:

7. Couple’s Journaling

Journaling with your partner is an activity that is also gaining popularity. There are different options, and you can customize the action according to your preference. You can keep individual journals that you use as a communication tool or a collaborative notebook that serves as a communication tool on its own.

8. Couple Vision Boards

Since creating a vision board is all about creating something that motivates you to achieve your aspirations and goals on a daily basis, there aren't really any guidelines. While some vision boards focus on a single idea, yours can consider your desired future and what you want to see in it.

9. Couples Crafts

Art appears like something to strive for. The aforementioned vision board concept, along with journaling and even cooking, might all be categorized as forms of art (especially if you add a visual aspect). Making something together or finishing your own tasks simultaneously are examples of crafting. For example, buy an adult coloring book and spend time coloring together. Or take a painting class together and explore how far you can go; maybe you’ll unleash the inner Picasso inside of you too.

Any relationship can have its share of ups and downs, and we have to work hard to make it work if we want to stay in this relationship. That’s why we decided to share these amazing couple meditation exercises and games to strengthen your relationship and add fuel to your marriage.

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