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Five Tips to Deal with a Sex Addict Husband

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1/5/15, 12:00 AM

Is your husband a sex addict? Your man is always too excited for sex and you're wondering how to deal with his high sex drive? Cutting down on the frequency of the sex you have with your husband could be very disappointing for him, however, there are some tips to help you deal with a sex addict husbandAlthough you undoubtedly want the situation to change, the thing you need to know, is that your husband loves you, but he just needs a little guidance to know how to work things out, for a guaranteed mutual pleasure.

1. Honesty is the key

Make sure to communicate with him and be more open about how you feel. If it hurts during intercourse, his man parts are big or you're just not in the mood for sex, you have to let him know. Good communication is the best way to deal with a sex addict husband.

2. More foreplay

If your husband has the desire to have sex all the time, you can just try to indirectly engage in more foreplay to keep things interesting. He will enjoy the cuddling, touching and kissing, and you will also stay lubricated for a longer time.

3. Switch positions

If you failed to control the continuous urge of your sex addict husband, make sure to switch to positions that make you more in control, like being on top for example. If you felt any kind of pain during the intercourse, make sure to stop, communicate it in a nice way, so he's more gentle.

4. Touching could work

Knowing the not-so-obvious erogenous male zones is crucial in order to satisfy your sex addict husband greatly. If you touch him the right way in the right places, you can literally turn him on in no time.

5. Try therapy

If you feel like your husband's sex drive is just a bit too much for you, try working things out by seeking couples' counseling or psychiatrist's help. The right way to approach your sex addict husband, is to show him that it's not only his problem and that you both need to work on it together for the benefit of your marriage. 

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