As you all know, we've dedicated this month to talk about how our perspectives on love and relationships change in each stage of our life. Your needs and wants in any relationship is very different in each age range and as we grow up we tend to look at the concept of love very differently as well. We started off last week, focusing on what love means to teenagers and today we are moving on to dating in your 20s and serious relationships in your 20s.

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How we view love and relationships in our 20s

Your 20s is the time where you discover who you are, your wants, dreams, strengths and weaknesses; they're the years of energy and desire to try everything and go wild. In your 20s, your perspective on life changes as well as how you view things around you.

Love and relationships in your early 20s:

1. Desire to date

Up until your mid 20s, you feel a constant need and enthusiasm to go on dates, to have a partner to go together to the movies, talk on the phone for hours, and go out alone or with friends. You don't want to be alone, so if a relationship fails you're very eager to start a new one as soon as you can.

2. Wanting to get married early

Some of the rosy outlook on life that you had in your teenage years stay with you in your eaarly 20s. Once you start dating someone you start having dreams and plans to get married and start a family right away to fulfill your dreams.

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3. "Love changes people" is your motto

Yes, in your 20s you believe that love can make people change, that you will be able to ignore your partner's flaws because they'll change with time and love. So, you start to tolerate and let go of all the things that bother you in your partner and don't fit with your personality at all.

4. "I'll change for him/her"

When you start your 20s, a lot of your conviction about certain topics, what you accept and don't accept is still not clear and you're not completely sure of it yourself. You believe that you need to sacrifice a lot for your relationship to last even if you're sacrificing part of your own personality.

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5. Looks over mind

Many women in their early 20s don't choose their partner rationally, they don't put much thought in how that person thinks and his beliefs as much as they are concerned with his looks. You think your partner needs to be picture perfect like those celebrities and stars so he won't be less handsome than her friends' partners.

Love and relationships in your late 20s:

Once you turn 25 all the things we mentioned earlier changes, you'll even be surprised at yourself and how your mentality changed.

1. Less dating

Yes, you'll still want to date -it's only natural- but it won't be the same like in your early 20s. You won't just want to get into a relationship because you want someone in your life, but you'll want to date someone because you are genuinely attracted to them and have feelings toward them.

2. No more rose colored dreams

When you hit 25, your unrealistic rosy outlook shifts and you start accepting the reality of life. You won't be in such a rush to get married until you make sure that this person is the right one for you. You'll also think if you are even ready for married life and your social and financial stability will all be factors in your decision.

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3. "Loving myself comes before loving you"

This will be your motto at this stage in life, you'll learn that loving yourself first is your path to be able to love someone else, so you'll always put yourself first. You'll follow your dreams and ambitions before anything else to be able to face yourself and accept who you are and in turn accept your partner.

4. Mind and mentality come first

You won't be as hung up on appearances and looks in your late 20s as your were in your early 20s. It will no longer be a competition of whose partner is better looking, but you'll want someone who you find acceptable to your own standards. What will matter the most to you is his mentality and mindset, because that is a huge influence on your relationship.

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5. Red flags matter!

Before you used to dismiss the red flags and say "love will change him" but now you know that some things just don't change and you'll have the wisdom to notice them. You'll notice the red flags that can jeopardize your relationship and will act upon them.

6. You won't let go of who you are for anyone

Yes, by the time you turn 25 you''l have a better understanding of who you are and your personality and will cherish your own convictions about many things in life. You'll have your dreams and ambitions that you don't want to let go of or neglect in order to please your partner because it's part of what defines you.

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