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Nine Ways to Get Closer to Your Daughter

Heba Abohemed
3/19/15, 12:00 AM

Do you want to know the ways to get closer to your daughter, because you've been going through many ups and downs? Everyone needs a best friend by their side most of the time, to share secrets and deepest concerns with. A lot of girls wish to have their mothers as their best friend, however, a mother's over protectiveness might hinder that. Instead of having your daughter look for other people to share bits and pieces of her life with, here are nine ways to get closer to your daughter.

1. Be there for your daughter whenever she needs you. If you ever saw her crying, be right next to her, wipe off her tears instead of asking her to stop crying. Try to understand what is bothering her without any judgment. A warm hug is a great way to calm her down.

2. Make time to go to the mall or the hair salon with her. Go for a walk and or even have some ice cream together. All your daughter needs is someone to hear her own stories.

3. Be her support system and encourage her all the way and help her fulfill her dreams, instead of giving her orders. Give her some personal space and allow her to go after her passion. When you do that, you'll realize that you'll become closer to your daughter.

4. If she's recently been through hard times, don't blame her that she didn't listen to your advice and be there for her. During hard times, she only needs someone to comfort her instead of drowning her. 

5. The best way to become closer to your daughter, is to be there for her if she has any doubts or questions. Travel together, listen to her dreams and discuss her own future plans. If she hasn't decided yet on her career path, help her out and decide together.

6. When you become more flexible and easygoing, this won't make you a bad mother. If she broke the general rules and did something unacceptable, of course you will have to be firm and strict with her. The previous advice will only make you closer to your daughter, because you're the best person to give her tips. 

7. As you bring up your daughter, make sure to teach her the basic rules she should never break. As she grows older day by day, she will become more responsible and she will less likely break the rules. If it happens and she crossed her boundaries, talk to her, know the reasons why she did this and stay away from punishing her right away. Instead, advise her how she should avoid this mistake and how to correct it. Take it lightly with her in order not to make her fear you.

8. Using tough ways to punish her is a big no no. If you really want to make her regret what she did, make sure to show her how disappointed you are because of what she did or even ground her from doing something she really loves. This is the best way to deal with such situations.

9. Always stay updated with the latest technology trends that are currently happening. This way, you will have a closer look on your daughter's personal life which is way better than asking her directly about so many things. 

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Heba Abohemed

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