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Things to Consider When Meeting the Parents

Fustany Team
6/5/14, 12:00 AM

So you and your man reached the point in your relationship where you think it is time to meet the parents. This probably won't be the smoothest conversation you have with your parents, but hey, if you're serious, then it's got to happen. Don't stress on the meeting and worry about the awkward silences that might happen, because we got you covered with five tips to consider when meeting the parents.

Tip #1. Do your homework

Meaning you know your man's personality and you know your parents' style. Try to come up with a list of talking points they will both enjoy.

Tip #2. Highlight your man's best qualities

So you know your guy is a neat freak, who better than your mum to appreciate such a quality. Casually mention it in a sentence, it is bound to get her attention.

Tip #3. Stray away from religious or political topics

The point of this meeting is for your man and your parents to get know one another, not find out the types of beliefs each one posses. Economical talk is usually a good and long conversation. 

Tip #4. Mention dreams and aspirations

There is nothing more impressive than a man with a plan. Meaning, your guy shouldn't sit there complaining about his boring job, he should talk abut his five year plan, what does he want to do with his life, etc.

Tip #5. Let HIM settle the check subtly

Nothing says gentleman like a man who excuses himself to head to the bathroom and subtly pays for the check. This is a great way to win some points with the parents, and it says a lot about your man. 

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