I know you miss the small talk on the phone, and the lighting of your screen when you receive a message from them, a voice that makes you feel cheerful, the perfect face that gives you peace and laughter, their smile, even the ashes of their cigarettes. You miss every single detail about them.

Arguably, without these things you feel nothing. You feeling lost, insecure, unwanted, worthless, haunted by the vision of their faces that keeps you awake at night, pain that overwhelms you and you find yourself lost in a whirlpool of bad feelings. 

But replacement isn't ideal. If you replace the pain of a broken heart with someone else, you’re going to put your heart at risk. The replacement is messier than you think because there will be comparisons, consequences and you’ll look back to the past, seeing them and stuttering their names.

I know you’re afraid of being in pain, but you have to give yourself some space to clear your mind. Instead of rebounding, thinking that you forgot about them like they don’t exist, somehow the pain will not disappear. Your heart will not fix itself and replace the scars with flowers so you feel alive again.

This won't happen easily, you won't reach this level and forget about the one who got away, unless  you start loving yourself first. Instead of replacing the past, and filling the void with somebody else, live the break up pain, even if you get depressed, let the pain takes its time. It’s ok, everything will be get better. But try to not let yourself take too long. By time the pain will give you strength, your soul will finally get the chance to find tranquility and the pain will turn into wisdom. 

You will find yourself again and learn how to give up all the things that make you uncomfortable, Going through this pain will help you mature, so that when you fall in love again, it will be without restrictions. 

Don’t worry you’ll find the one you've dreamed of, the kind of love that makes you forget about the past, the one who accepts you as who you are. You must remember that what you're going through right now is temporary and the person you are right now is dealing with a lot of pain, so just let it come and go as it is...