Has it ever crossed your mind how strong women are? We're like survivors who juggle between a million things at a time and it doesn't even bother us. Whoever said women are not multi-taskers obviously has no clue what they're talking about.

Yes, I'm going all women empowerment on you with this post, don't say I didn't warn you. I sometimes couldn't help but notice that we're women in a men's world. How often do you find women in leading positions here in the Middle East? It does happen, but not as often as it should. We were discussing that in the office, when Amr stormed in and took part in the conversation.

Sahar: So Amr, what do you think about this?

Amr: What exactly is the question here. You ladies have been throwing random complaints here and there.

Sahar: I meant, do you think women work at least twice as much on a daily basis? I don't just mean work, but also at home...etc.

Amr stared at me, of course he's a guy he would say that's not true, but at the same time, it would be kind of a trap. We were five women surrounding him, so anything he says will be held and used against him. Think wisely Amr, but don't take too much time, tic toc tic toc.

Amr: Yeah, they do.

Me: You're saying that but you don't seem to be convinced.

Amr: But I also see it from a different perspective. Women don't have to work to support their family, but men do. A man has to work but for women it's more of a choice, so it's really a choice to do double the work.

I couldn't believe what I was just hearing. Okay Amr, you just lost 10 points. 

Me: Hmmm, I never thought you were that type of guy. What you just said proves what we've been saying. We're living in a man's world.

Amr: No you're not.

Me: That's what you guys think at least. For your information, we also work to support our families, and if that's not the case, then it should be. It's mostly a common mistake Arabs do, but when a young couple is starting a new life together, it's not only the man's job to provide for both of them, but it also is something a woman should do. I'm sorry you don't see it that way.

And all of a sudden Sahar changed her mind, she was now playing on team Amr. Who is she kidding, of course she is! She jumps at any opportunity, just to show him how loyal she is to him. But this isn't about loyalty, but rather about women sticking together to change that dumb misconception.

Me: Let's take my mother as an example, she wakes up every day, prepares breakfast, goes to work, comes back home around 4 pm, prepares lunch for all of us, makes sure everything around the house is perfect and then prepares a nice meal for us in the evening. I'm taking her as an example because I'm not married yet, but when I am, I will also be doing the same.

Amr: So you and Billy are doing that well?

I couldn't believe he just asked that, and at the office! I changed the subject quickly, because it's really no one's business, now is it? He saw how angry I got and apologized after everyone left. Here goes another sign that he might be into me, why else would he ask something like that or act like he does usually around me. I hope things don't get awkward around the office. 

I continued work for a while and then my phone made a beep, I checked it out and turns out it's my reminder telling me to get tomatoes on my way home. How could I have forgotten to tell you about what's going to happen today? Any guesses ladies? Well, I was inviting Billy over for a date, I was planning to cook for him (or at least try) and my mum was going to meet him. Not that she hasn't met him before, but meet him as my boyfriend, not Billy my friend. It was a good chance since my dad is on a work trip. I dialed Dina's number and it kept on ringing until she finally picked up.

Dina: Dina speaking!

Me: Hahahaha, why would you say that.

Dina: Oh hey, it's you. I didn't see who the caller was. Are you still at work?

Me: Yeah, but I'm leaving shortly.

Dina: You should, cooking doesn't happen in five minutes you know! Yalla, move it. I want him to admit it's the best food he ever tasted.

Me: But that's impossible, you know cooking isn't my strongest area.

Dina: You can do it, yes you can! (imagine her singing when she said that)

I arrived home to find my mum in the kitchen cooking.

Me: Habibty, I'm the one who's supposed to do that.

Mum: Yeah, but you want delicious food, don't you?

Me: Hahahha yeah I do, but let me at least give it a try.

Mum: How about that, I cook and you help me out?

Me: No mum, seriously, I want to do this. Don't worry it won't suck that badly. Let me at least give it a try.

She finally agreed after a five minute discussion. Oh God, even my own mother doesn't trust me in the kitchen, so why should anyone else do? I was going to prepare steak and pasta with red sauce and some homemade ice-cream. Yes, you've heard it right. Ice-cream as desert is always a great idea! Look at me trying to impress the man (Billy) by cooking like a housewife from the 50's.

Three hours later, and I'm finally done. I hope by the time I get married I get used to cooking at a faster rate, or else I'm in deep shit. I go take a shower as Billy is supposed to arrive around 9o'clock. I decided to wear a nice casual dress, so I'm still on the feminine side but without going too chic. I just finished putting on makeup, when I got a message from Billy: I'm at the door, can you open up?

I rush to the door to open it, and the first thing I ask: "Really, don't tell me you're that shy!". He just replies with a cute smile and hands me the cake he got.

Me: Thank you, but you shouldn't have, really.

Billy: It's ice-cream, a mix of your favorite flavors.

Me: Ohhh, we're going to overdose on ice-cream today. I made some as well, so you have to promise you'll dig in both with me.

Billy: Hahaha of course I will.

I could see my mum trying to take a sneak peek from behind the kitchen's door, so I rush to her, have a short talk to ask her (again) not to make things awkward and remind her that it's supposed to be a date.

Me: You'll still meet him, just in an hour or so, we can all sit down and chit chat. But I really want him to enjoy the food I made while feeling at ease.

Mum: Okay, if your stomaches hurt after food please let me know.

Me: Really mum? Really!

Either the food was really good or he was just trying to be nice, but he ate a lot of it. Yayyy, bravo Luci! I was almost going to give myself a pat on the shoulder, but that would have been too "looserish". I started telling him about my day while we were stuffing ourselves with ice-cream in the balcony. 

Billy: I'm amazed.

Me: With what?

Billy: That you've managed to do all that in one day. Chapeau!

Wow! How lucky am I? A guy that actually appreciates how a woman manages her day. He's a keeper!

Mum: Billy habiby, how are you?

Oh, lovely! My mum decided it was time to make an appearance. I'm sure she was ease-dropping all that time, and she couldn't hold it anymore.

Billy: I'm fine, how about you auntie?

Mum: Great, so happy you came. Should I get you something to drink. Are you a tea or a coffee person?

Billy: No really, I don't want to trouble you.

Mum: You're not going to, don't worry. Luci's going to do it for us.

Billy: Then tea it is.

I took their orders and went quickly to the kitchen, I didn't want to waste too much time away, in case she cracked a joke about my cooking. I so hope she doesn't! Surprisingly, they were speaking about his work and cursing together his manager, as he went to the same school my mum went to.

As I was about to carry the tea I made, my phone received a message.

Amr: By the way, I really believe women work twice as much and most men don't see that, even some women don't see it. I guess I was too stubborn to admit that. Sorry :)

I couldn't help but smile, Amr is really cute. But then again, I'm sure he didn't send all the girls at the office that message. Hmmm, how should I reply back to him? I decided to reply later, and went back to Billy and mum to join them. Things went pretty well, we kept on talking and cracking jokes until 12am, and once Billy realized what time it was, he quickly excused himself.

Right before I was heading to bed, I get another message.

Billy: I really enjoyed today, I love how cool your mum is. Love you and the food was awesome really. Not sure why your mum was doubting you!

Oh crap! So she told him about the jokes she made about my cooking after all! I decided to reply to Amr, though it was late, but I couldn't ignore it and then see him afterwards at the office. So here's what I said: Don't worry about it, I know you're all for women rights, but thanks for the message :)

One minute later he texts again saying: Glad you know that! Good night and sweet dreams ;)

Does he really like me? Now what?

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