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So, after bumping into Amr, the night took quite a turn! Amr actually invited Faisal and I to join him at his table and weirdly enough, it was Faisal who agreed to sit with him not me.

The night went by okay, Amr and Faisal were connecting over work and stuff, and I spoke here and there, but mainly wanted to observe what was actually going on. Faisal would put his arm around me, pull me in close, whisper sweet things to me, even kissing me whenever he got a chance. I was so confused, was Faisal trying to prove that I'm his, or is he genuinely showing affection?

At one point, Amr got up to take a call, and Faisal went to the bathroom. I was looking through the dessert menu thinking of which ice-cream flavor I want, when Faisal and Amr came back and they both didn't look happy. Faisal stood on the other side of the table, with a very cold look on his face and said: "Luci, we're done. Let's go now!"

Me: But, I was just about to order dessert. They have my favorite ice-cream.

Amr: Order your ice-cream Luci! I can give you a ride home if your husband insists on leaving. Especially when we were in the middle of a conversation!

My jaw dropped: "What happened between the both of you?"

Faisal didn't move an inch, he kept his eyes locked on me and asked again: "Luci, please I would really like to leave now."

Amr: Why don't you tell her what we were talking about? This is the second time you walk away when I'm talking to you. And don't think I didn't notice how you pulled her away last time. You can't treat her like that!

I looked back at Amr, then again at Faisal, hoping he'd just say what is going on. How is this the second time? When did they talk the first time?

Amr: Luci, it seems your husband gets annoyed when I tell him to take care of you. All I want is to make sure you're happy.

I could see Faisal's eyes start to glare, boy was he getting mad. I think he was about to punch Amr. And who does Amr think he is telling my husband these things?

I got up, walked towards Faisal, took his hand and said: "Let's go babe!"

Once Faisal and I got home, I tried to play it cool and be the understanding wife who will give him time to calm down and all that, but I just couldn't. It was a miracle I managed to stay silent in the car with all these questions running through my mind. I went and sat down next him and said: "We're a team in this marriage and I need you to tell me everything."

After a long long talk, I finally got the full picture. It turns out, before our wedding Amr managed to contact Faisal, and told him it was extremely important that they meet. Faisal says he was super persistent and kept saying it has to do with my health, which had gotten him worried. Faisal ended up meeting Amr about a month or so before our wedding, and the talk was shocking. Amr of course had a very different plan than talking about my health...

According to Faisal, Amr told him that he doesn't think our relationship was real, and that since he knows me so well, I would break up with Faisal and not follow through with the wedding. He went on to tell him, that after things ended between me and Amr, I moved on so fast, and it only makes sense that Faisal was just my rebound. He went on and on about how I go through many phases and that a woman like me isn't someone that can give him a stable life at all, and he gave the example of how I acted around him back when I used to work with him.

You can imagine how mad I was hearing this story, I wanted to punch Amr in the face. All of a sudden I understood why Faisal was acting so weird around him.

I had no idea Amr is that crazy and possessive. Get over it, I'm with Faisal and I love him. Oh, and one last thing in this dramatic roller-coaster, apparently Amr texts Faisal every once in a while with pretty provocative messages. Things like:

"She'll be back in my arms soon."

"You might as well walk away, because you know it won't last."

I was furious at my psycho ex, but then saw Faisal's replies to one of the messages, where he said: "Luci is pregnant, stay away from my family once and for all."

Wait now! I'm WHAT?!!

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