Hi everyone, I'm sorry again for not being able to give you an update last week, but to say things are crazy on my end is an understatement.

So...as you may have read, I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Faisal is over the moon happy, as for me...well I'm still in freak out mode. Maybe actually overwhelmed seems to be a better fitting word. Freaking out about not only being pregnant, but pregnant during the COVID-19!!

It's like my brain does not know which part to process exactly at this point. Sure I wanted kids, eventually...but of all the times to get pregnant, now seems like the worst time ever!

I still haven't called my parents and told them, all I seem to be doing is google the negative impacts of being pregnant during COVID-19. I just really wanted to be ready and actually enjoy my pregnancy, you know a whole new chapter in my life. But, with the self-isolation and curfews I'm not so sure how enjoyable this can be?

Women are usually super cautious with their first pregnancy, I worry I'll be one of those crazy over-protective pregnant women if not insane mother. Who knows how long this quarantine will go on for, weeks? Months?

How am I supposed to go in for my check-ups without being terrified I might expose myself and my baby to harm? Of course, Faisal seems to think I am over reacting, he actually thinks this is a perfect opportunity, since I am already working from home, I get to take it easy and have a 'smoother' pregnancy. Don't know who made him a doctor all of a sudden, but okay...

We're supposed to call our parents today and let them in on the, 'good news' tonight, but I just don't have it in me to fake happy. The truth is I'm not, I'm scared and overwhelmed, the thought of becoming a parent was something I was planning on putting off for as long as I could, I wanted to travel more, I had a whole list of countries I wanted to visit. I had so many plans for my career, now what's going to happen. Are all my hopes and dreams going to take a back seat for this child?

Make sure to read my next post Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time) to find out how I'm dealing with my pregnancy during this Coronavirus outbreak.

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