Everyone is buzzing about their plans for the long weekend, and I'm of course no exception. I was super excited about my beach trip to Dina's house with Billy, Mona and Habiba in addition to some of Dina's friends tagging along. It took me quite some time to put my bag together, as I had to search through my wardrobe for the perfect pieces. 

Doesn't the thought of summer hitting us just excite you? Well, that's how I feel. I had pretty high expectations for this short but sweet vacation. Very much needed I have to say. Taking a break from work, my colleagues, the crazy traffic and just staring at the beach and partying. Yayyy exciting, I thought to myself.

I slept with that thought in mind and woke up in the morning by a call from Billy, letting me know he would pick me up shortly. I quickly got out of bed, put everything together, said my goodbyes to my mum and dad and was waiting ten minutes later outside for Billy. The whole gang was in the car and the first thing I had to say was: "Road trip, wohooo!" Everyone seemed to share my excitement as well, which was perfect!

Shortly after, Dina was sleeping in the car, she's not quite the morning person I have to say, and it seems like she talks in her sleep a lot. Habiba was occupied with her new phone and listening to music, so it was basically Billy, Mona and I doing the talking. Of course we made tons of fun about Dina blabbering in her sleep and we thought of a few funny things we could do to her, but then changed our minds as it would make more sense to listen to what she's talking about, maybe she'll have something juicy to say.

Two hours later we arrived, and I was the first to jump out of the car and run into Dina's house. Yes, I was THAT excited! A few minutes later as everyone was still sitting on the chairs in Dina's garden, I had already changed into another outfit. Billy winked at me, and I like to interpret that look as him thinking I look amazing and of course sexy. Seeing me get ready excited all the girls to go do the same, which left me with Billy for some alone time.

Billy: Drop dead gorgeous!

Me: What's that? Say again hehe

Billy: You look gorgeous.

Me: Don't make me blush! 

Billy: But you look cute when you're blushing.

Now I was really blushing and he started laughing. I must say, he's super cute and I can't help but fall for him more and more each day. I wonder if he feels the same way about me. I really do! Not sure if it's just too soon, or should I admit how much I love him. At that instant more people came into Dina's house greeting us.

Amr: Oh hiiiii, didn't know you'll be here!

I paused for a second, what is he doing here? Remember Amr my boss? Well, I like him of course as a person and all, I even think he's hot and used to have a thing for him, but seriously I was trying to get away from work and just relax.  

Me: Heyyy, I didn't know you and Dina knew each other!

Amr: Not really, we just have a friend in common who I'm staying with. He knows Dina pretty well.

Me: Oh exciting!

Amr: You look great. Really you do!

Me: Thank you! (And I blushed again!)

Amr: What are you up to? I'm thinking I'd hit the beach right away as I wanna make use of every second here. Come with me?

Me: Yeah sure, just give me a second, I need to wait for a couple of my friends. But if you'd like you can go ahead and I'll catch up shortly.

So he headed with a couple of people to the beach, and I went back to Billy. Of course his first question was: "Who's that guy?"

Me: You remember Amr, my boss?

Billy: Oh yeah, I do. He looks like a cool dude.

Me: Yeah, he's pretty nice. 

That's all Billy? Seriously, give me some cute jealousy. Every girl likes just a small amount of cute jealousy. But that was it, he didn't say anything much afterwards. Maybe, just maybe he's not there yet. Maybe he doesn't love me the way I do. 

Half an hour later and we were all ready to hit the beach. Boombox and all, we sat down to relax and I was focussing to get the perfect tan. The plan was to go swim a bit and then get out, lay down and relax. Perfect, isn't it?

Me: I'm going swimming. Anyone care to join? (The question was more directed towards Billy actually)

Billy: I'll catch you, just need to enjoy the sun a bit more.

Me: Okay!

Amr: I'll come with you.

I looked quickly at Billy, but no sign of even noticing Amr said anything. So I went ahead with Amr. To be honest, I never thought Billy is the kind of guy who doesn't care like that, or maybe he trusts me way too much. I guess only time will tell. I know lots of girls keep on bitching about their bfs being way over the board with jealousy, but just a little bit wouldn't hurt, would it? 

I started engaging in some conversation with Amr while we were enjoying the water and took a quick glance to see what Billy is up to, but he and Mona were discussing something and not paying attention to anyone. I'm not that desperate to try and make him jealous, am I?

Amr: Luci?

Me: Oh yes?

Amr: What do you think?

Me: Of what?

Amr: Oh forget it.

Me: No no, I'm sorry I just missed the last sentence, tell me again hehe

Amr: I was asking if you had any plans for tonight? My friends are going to this cool party and I want you to come with us.

Me: Sounds fun, let me check with the gang if they can make it.

Amr: Oh ok.

He seemed to be a bit disappointed by my answer, but what could I tell him? A few minutes later we decided it was time for tanning, and as soon as I reached Billy, I asked out loud: "Guys, Amr was telling me about this cool party. Are up for it?"

Habiba: Yes, count me in.

Mona: I guess I can make it for a while, but where is it?

Amr: It's like 15 minutes away from where you guys are staying.

Dina: Cool, count us in.

Billy didn't respond, he didn't even look at me. Okay, enough is enough man. I don't like my bf to be that laid back, he should be a bit more jealous by now! Maybe, I should play along a bit to see if he'll pay any attention or even show any signs of being protective or not. So I sat next to him and whispered in his ear: "What's up?"

Billy: I'm fine, just a bit preoccupied.

Me: With what? Leave work behind and just have fun.

Billy: It's nothing work related trust me.

Me: Then what? You know you can tell me anything.

Billy: Of course I can, I'll tell you in a bit I promise.

Me: Fair enough. Are you up for the party Amr told me about?

Billy: Yeah sure, if you want to go, then let's do that.

At that moment I felt like shaking him. WAKE UP man, I'm your gf and you shouldn't be that cool about everything. Mona started blabbering with him again about setting her up with one of his friends. Oh for God's sake leave him alone, I know we're all friends, but this is actually the first vacation we go on as a couple. Dina and Habiba started chatting up with Amr, and I just put the headphones into my ears and decided to tan a bit ignoring everyone around me.

Half an hour later I felt really thirsty and went to Dina's house to grab a bottle of water. Dina ran after me saying: "Luci, wait!"

Me: What's up?

Dina: Nothing, I just thought I'd give Amr and Habiba some alone time, maybe she'll be less shy.

Me: Good thinking!

Dina: He seems to like you. Just saying!

I didn't pay much attention to what she said and asked her: "Is it normal that Billy isn't getting jealous? Like at all?"

Dina: Says who?

Me: You're saying Amr seems to like me, and he's been giving me compliments since the morning and hanging around me the whole time, yet that doesn't seem to bother Billy at all.

Dina: Not everyone reacts the same. I used to have this bf, Ali, remember him? Ohhh this guy was hot!

Me: Where's the story Dina, focus!

Dina: Oh yeah, sorry, I was revisiting our memories. Now Ali was pretty jealous, but he was also pretty good at hiding it.

Me: So you think Billy is the same? I don't think so, he hasn't been giving me any attention.

Dina: Hmmm, okay maybe he has something on his mind, perhaps work or family issues?

Me: Yeah, could be. Let me speak to him and find out.

With that the rest starting arriving to Dina's house and her mother announced it was time for lunch. I hope she's not the one cooking, because let's just say my three year old cousin can put together a better meal than Dina's mum. There was a variety of snacks and as I was adding more to my plate, I kept on looking for Billy. Here he is!

Me: Should I get you a plate? What do you like to eat?

Billy: I'm not very hungry now...

Me: What happened to your appetite?

Billy: It's good. I wanna talk to you, let's talk after you have lunch.

Me: What's up with the suspense man?

Billy: No no, there's no suspense I promise. Just need some you and me time.

Me: Sounds fun!

I ate as much as I could, because the food was delicious, I'm sure no one of Dina's family cooked (thank God!). And there was Amr in my face smiling. I smiled back and we started chitchatting a bit. After a nice over twenty-something chat with Amr and Billy not looking once at me (as far as I noticed) I kind of got fed up with his attitude. I excused myself and went over to Billy.

Me: We need to talk!

Billy: Yes we do!

We walked out of Dina's house to the beach to get some privacy and I started by saying: "Okay, what's wrong with you? You seem way too distant today?"

Billy: Why shouldn't I be?

Me: And why should you be? If there's something bothering you, you could just let me know. I'm your gf and more importantly, one of your best friends.

Billy: What's up with that Amr guy?

I smiled, I actually smiled big time. So he did actually pay attention to me.

Billy: Why are you smiling?

Me: Because you're cute and jealous. And I'm glad you're jealous. Not that I like jealous guys, but I actually thought you didn't give a shit. You weren't even looking at me. Okay, I'll stop blabbering now, but you get the point.

Billy: Hahaha, so it's been bothering you that I didn't pay much attention? I was paying lots of attention, trust me, but I hide my feelings pretty well when needed.

Me: So tell me, is that what's bothering you?

Billy: Yup, and one other thing I kind of need to get out of my system.

Me: Shoot!

His serious face turned into the familiar Billy I'm crazy about, he came closer and kissed me. An amazing and deep kiss, I must say!

Billy: I love you!!! No scratch that, I'm deeply in love with you.

I blushed for a much longer time than I usually do. Smiled, then blushed again, but couldn't make direct eye contact.

Me: And you have no idea how crazy I am about you. I'm madly in love with you...

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Amr watching us.

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