Since I last wrote to you guys and things haven't changed much. Maybe just a bit, and probably it's for the best. I'll let you be the judge of this, since everyone has been trying to interfere in my business lately. I woke up that day feeling a tiny bit better about all the Billy drama in my life. I think I cried way too much and was angry and furious enough. The weird thing though is that I haven't heard back from Billy since we last spoke. No text message and no phone calls. I thought he would at least try a bit harder to keep me around, but he didn't.

I tried to focus on other things in life, after all a relationship should never dictate a woman's life, right? I was excited for work today since we had tons of meetings that will surely keep me busy. I wore something fabulous and then had a delicious breakfast my mum had prepared for me, I guess she picked up that I needed some extra attention. I decided to make a quick stop before I head to work to enjoy some delicious morning ice-cream.

The first person I saw once I arrived at work was Nathalie. No no, nothing is going to change my day, not even seeing that *****! She was speaking over the phone and laughing out loud. Could that be Billy on the other side? Maybe he already made his decision and was too chicken to tell me.

Youssef: Good morning gorgeous! (trying to direct my attention away from Nathalie)

Me: Morning handsome! Shall we begin?

Youssef: Yeah, I'll be at the meeting room in a minute.

The day passed by pretty quickly and I have to admit it, it was mainly because of Youssef and Amr. They were putting in so much effort to make our meetings and discussions as fun as possible to keep me smiling, and at the end of the day they both decided (without giving me the chance to say no) that we're heading out for dinner. This is the second time this week to go out with Amr, which is quite fun I have to admit.

Once we arrived at the restaurant which we were luckily the only ones at, Youssef started mocking some of our colleagues. Guess who was the first one on his list? Of course the fabulous Sahar!

Youssef: Hi I'm Sahar and I'm too sexy to be here! I poop bandage dresses and use people as often as I can.

Me: Hahahhaha I couldn't have said it better!

Amr: Okay, do me, I'd love to see what you think of me...

Me: Ohhh, I'm excited to hear that.

Youssef: Hi I'm Amr, I'm usually nice when I've had my breakfast, mean when I have a bad hair day and women dig me.

Amr: Girls don't dig me! Hahaha

Me: Yeah right. Who are you kidding?

Amr: Oh so should I add you to my fan base too? Hehe

Youssef: I forgot to mention the attitude issue.

Me: Hi I'm Youssef, I'm witty as hell and I breath sarcasm, right?

Youssef: You just know me too well darling!

I made it back home a few hours later with a smile on my face, but Dina's phone call brought me back to reality.

Dina: Hey you, how have you been?

Me: I'm fine and you?

Dina: Good good. How are you feeling?

Me: Actually a bit better. Let's not go there please!

Dina: Ok, but he didn't talk to you yet?

Me: Nope.

Dina: I was just on the phone with him and he mentioned that he'll call you once you get back home.

Me: Wait! Two questions, what did you guys talk about? And how does he know I wasn't at home?

Dina: He didn't say anything useful to be honest. Just blabbering that he's still confused. I asked him the same question and he said Nathalie mentioned she saw you leaving with Amr.

Me: Oh, did she fail to say that Youssef was with us too? Dina, we need to hit that girl, seriously, she's such a bad person. And the fact that Billy is still talking to her yet hasn't found the time to call me says a lot. To hell with both of them!

I couldn't sleep easily that night, tons of thoughts going through my head and a small part of me is hoping Billy would actually call me like he told Dina. But nothing! Blank! The only message I get is from Amr saying: "I had so much fun today. We'll do it again tomorrow!"

The next day came and as soon as I made it to my desk I found a bag of jelly beans with a note on it saying: "We're meeting clients the whole day, but we thought we'd leave you with this for some entertainment. Dinner again tonight! - Amr and Youssef"

I couldn't help but start laughing and was super happy. Those guys are awesome! I work hard to let any negative energy go away and then I got a message from Dina saying: "Did he call you yet?"

Me: No he didn't. I don't want him to call and I know you mean well, but please stop asking me about him :)

Dina: You got that sista x

I hope she did really get it, I'm trying so hard to get him out of my mind, yet tons of things keep on reminding me of him. Speaking of which, Nathalie was making it a point to speak on the phone quite loudly right in front of my office. I tried to ignore but couldn't help but overhear: "You have to make a decision soon you know!"

Was she on the phone with Billy? Was she? I couldn't take this anymore. Seriously! I'm such a weak character, but I think I finally reached a decision. I'm pretty close...

Dinner as usual was amazing with Amr and Youssef. We laughed so hard, I swear Youssef was going to pee. Food was delicious and we made plans for an upcoming work trip, which the three of us were going to. Life is fun! See, having a great time doesn't mean being with Billy. I'm better off without him anyway.

The guys decided to drop me back home as it was quite late and on the way we sang our hearts out.

Youssef: Oh God, I love Mika! Blame it on the girls with the pretty face...

Me: You're singing it totally wrong dude. Keep up with the lyrics, would you please?

Youssef: At least I have a great voice. Amr, please stop we can't take it anymore, but we can't tell you that because we're afraid you would fire us hahaha.

Amr: Is that your way of asking me to add you to my fan club with Luci?

Me: Hahahaha yeah right!

I was still singing in my head walking into the house and made it up to my room dancing as well. I totally forgot about my phone, haven't checked it for the past two hours or so. All messages and phone calls were from Dina and Habiba. Nothing from him. I can't believe how rude he is, not to mention how little our relationship meant to him. So I finally take matters into my own hands and text him saying: "You haven't called me in over a week nor have you texted! I know you wouldn't dare to do the same with Nathalie, now would you? So this message is all you deserve! I was willing to let it all go, but you proved you're not worth it. I'm disappointed with you, not only as a guy I was in a relationship with, but as my best friend. That's it! I'm out of here and I don't plan on continuing this relationship anymore. I hereby set you free!"

A few minutes later my phone rings. It's Billy! I stare at my phone's screen and then decided to cancel his call. So now he finally decides to call? It's just too late, too damn late Billy...

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