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| by Heba Abohemed

12 Ideas to Make Christmas Trees That You Can Eat

Christmas is knocking on our doors, and in the spirit of the happy season how about some great ideas to make Christmas trees that you can actually eat! Dinner table is one of the highlights of Christmas, so why not garnish your food in a way that looks like a Christmas tree? So, check out those amazing ideas and recipes...

1. Christmas tree cupcakes.

Make your favorite chocolate cupcakes and garnish the top with green colored whipped cream. Using a cone to make the shape of a Christmas tree, and then add colored sprinkles on top to make it look even prettier.

2. Broccoli Christmas tree.

All you have to do, is cut broccoli into small pieces and then put it all together in a big plate in the shape of a Christmas tree. Add some cherry tomatoes in between layers to make it look like ornaments. And right at the top, put some yellow peppers to make it look like the Christmas star.

3. Fruits Christmas tree.

If you’re trying to stay on the healthy side during the festive season, then you should ditch the unhealthy sweets and go for fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. Cut the kiwi into pieces, and put all together to make a Christmas tree shape on a big plate, and then add some cherries or strawberries to make them look like ornaments.

4. Oreo Christmas tree.

Put the Oreo as a base to your Christmas tree, then use whipped cream to make the shape of a Christmas tree, and right at the top of the tree put some strawberries to form the ornaments.

5. Pizza Christmas tree.

If you love pizza as much as I do, then you should make it home. Cut the dough into Christmas tree shapes and garnish it with vegetables.

6. Christmas cookies.

Make your own favorite cookies recipe, and shape them into Christmas trees. Enjoy a very unique Christmas with your home-made Christmas cookies.

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