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Those Who Don't like Salted Fish on Sham El Nessim Try These 10 Dishes

Spring is the official 'be happy' time of the year! It’s no longer cold and it’s not too hot yet so the weather is perfect. The best thing about spring is for sure is Sham El Nessim, where we get to take time off to celebrate by coloring eggs and eating special salted fish. I believe, however, holidays should be more about having fun and family time than just about food. So, if you don’t like traditional Sham El Nessim food and the salted fish that people usually eat, here are ten wholesome dishes you can have instead.

1. Chicken Parmesan

No one can say no to chicken parmesan, because it’s chicken with parmesan cheese melting on top of it. For those who love cheese, you know what I am talking about. Enjoy your day off with this mouthwatering dish which you can find the recipe for here.

2. Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken is easier done than said and we have the recipe right here. It’s very healthy, fulfilling and you can add any side dishes of your choice.

3. Moussaka

Just because you are skipping on salted fish doesn't mean you can’t still enjoy a traditional dish. Everybody loves Moussaka and here is a recipe that will make it easier for you to prepare.

4. Grilled Salmon

If you feel odd because everyone else will be eating fish and you’re not, salmon is also fish. And it’s really tasty and healthy. Check out this grilled salmon recipe that takes so little time to make and you'll need very few ingredients.


5. Pizza

If there is such a thing as a timeless meal it is pizza. It can be eaten anytime and anywhere, so feel free to order your favorite pizza or make it yourself with this two-ingredient recipe.


6. Vegan Mushroom Pasta

If you are vegan don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you, in fact, we give you this savory easy mushroom pasta that will leave you amazed. And we have a step by step tutorial to spare you all the hassle.

7. Mac and Cheese

If you don't feel like spending too much time in the kitchen, this mac and cheese recipe will take you about ten or fifteen minutes to cook. Check it out right here.


8. Burger

Don’t ever forget that burgers are there to support you whenever you don’t know what to eat. One of the best inventions of mankind, and if you don’t want to order here is a magical recipe that will teach you how to make the most delicious burgers ever. And if you are vegetarian here is a veggie burger recipe just as good.


9. Chicken Tandoori

It’s always a good time to have Indian food, and what a better way to have it than chicken tandoori? Follow its recipe and enjoy the authentic Indian taste at home.

10. Cordon Blue

Fried food fans assemble, we have the right crunchy dish for you. Cordon blue is so many things tucked together, but don’t worry we have an easy recipe just right here.

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