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| by Farida Abdel Malek

The Basic Essential Recipes to Learn If You Don't Know How to Cook

Here's the thing....We open a recipe online, try to follow it and if we're beginners, we usually fail miserably. Why? My theory is that it's because we don't know the cooking basics for beginners. Learning to cook at home isn't hard, but before we learn how to make carbonara, we need to know how to perfectly cook the pasta itself. 

The quarantine is the perfect opportunity for us to learn the basics, because even if you don't want to cook, you're practically going to be forced to, since there's no take out. Plus, I think after watching these basic cooking recipes, you'll get a lot more excited and motivated to cook.  

So, here are some basic cooking recipes that are easy to follow along and will teach how to get make it perfect every time....

How To Cook Rice

You guys know by now we love Tasty's recipe videos. Especially the ones where they show you the basics of how to cook things perfectly. This one is really good because it highlights the importance of the little details that will have you end up with the perfect bowl of rice. It's easy to follow and we recommend you keep in mind the importance of timing and the ratio of rice to water.

You can actually make amazing things with any leftover rice in the fridge...

How To Cook Pasta Perfectly

Who better than Gorden Ramsay to show us the basic cooking technique for Pasta, that is so easy and simple, but will get you the perfect pasta every time. What's key is the oil, which will stop it from getting sticky. He cooks it al dente which means it will will be nice and firm, but definitely not crunchy. If you like your pasta softer, leave it on for slightly longer.

We also have some very easy pasta recipes here. These will take you around 15 minutes!

How To Make Perfect French Fries

We've recently discovered the amazing Chef Karim Abdelrahman, who was trained in Paris and worked in Michelin Starred Restaurants! In one of his latest recipes he cooks steak and shows you how to make the perfect French fries that are crispy and fried to perfection! Cold water and double frying is key! Watch to learn how to make these delicious fries from scratch.

There are so many ways you can eat fries, these one will blow your mind!

How To Make Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is easy, but having the right marinade and knowing the tips and tricks that will have it come out perfectly every time is so important. This recipe has a delicious soy honey sauce, but you can go creative with marinades, depending on your taste. PS: A outdoor grill is not necessary, just have a grill pan on hand. 

How To Make Fasoolya 

Mama In The Kitchen kills it when it comes to classic Egyptian recipes and we had to include her Fasoolya or green bean stew recipe. Fasoolya is one of those comfort food meals that we all love to have on a cold night or when we're home after a long day at work. Her recipe is so easy to follow and simple. 

How to Make Lentil Soup 

A lot of people are scared of lentil soup because it has a lot of steps, but it's actually pretty easy and one of the coziest soup recipes ever. I think once you get hooked on it will become a weekly thing at home. 

We have more really delicious and cosy soup recipes that are hard to resist. 

How To Make a Vanilla Sponge Cake

A basic classic cake that will never get old and is perfect with a cup of tea. Baking might be intimating but it's all about precision and practice. This recipe video is an easy one to follow along to on your first try, but remember not to give up hope if it's not perfect the first time. And the most important thing to remember for it to be fluffy, is not to over mix!

We also have an amazing chocolate Nutella cake recipe here, that anyone can make easily!

Main Image Credits: My Singapore Kitchen - Plain Chicken - House Of Nash Eats - I Heart Naptime

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