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| by Farida Abdel Malek

How to Decorate Cakes with Real Edible and Non-Edible Flowers!

Even though we love how fondant flower decorations looks, it's not realistic for the average baker to learn how to work with fondant every time they feel like having a pretty cake out. Also, let's face it, real flowers look 10 times better. Decorating with real flowers is so easy and there are so many options you can get creative with.

I recently came across this beautiful video by one of my favorite food bloggers, Claire Thomas. She shows below the different ways you can decorate a simple buttercream cake in the most beautiful way with real flowers. What also caught my attention was that she pointed out the importance of using a stem holder too for the non-edible flowers. Make sure you know if your flowers are safe or not. Me, personally I would always use a tool like this just to make sure there's no water from the flower or dirt trickling down to the cake.

Main Image and Video Credits: The Kitchy Kitchen

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