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| by Dalia Hosny

Oreo Milkshake Recipe

It's definitely one of the yummiest milkshakes ever! To me, anything that includes Oreo must be amazingly delicious. It's loved by kids, adults and everyone in the house. Here is how to make a thick creamy Oreo Milkshake which serves for four people. 

Ingredients to make oreo milkshake:

12 Oreo cookies 

1 1/2 half cup of milk 

2 Medium cups of Vanilla Ice-cream 

2 Tablespoons of Hershey's chocolate Syrup 

Whipped cream (if desired)

Steps to make oreo milkshake:

1. Pour the one and a half cup of milk into the blender. Add the chocolate syrup and the ice cream in the blender container respectively. 

2. Chop and crunch the Oreo cookies separately so it's easier for it to blend.

3. Add the chopped cookies to the previous components in the blender and put it on high speed. 

4. Serve the Oreo Milkshake in 4 glasses. Add whipped cream on top if desired

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