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Three Recipes for Fruity Drinks to Enjoy on Hot Summer Days

Summer weekends are all about chilling and relaxing in the sun, on the beach! But sometimes the heat gets unbearable, and what better way to cool down than with a nice cold fruity drink? We got you three different recipes for fruity drinks to enjoy on hot summer days.

1.  Watermelon Slush:



-  ½ cucumber (peeled)

-  5 mint leaves

-  3 tbsp white sugar

-  1 tbsp lime juice

-  Pinch of salt


-  Chop the watermelon into cubes to fill about 2 cups, don’t forget to take out the seeds. Also peel the cucumber and chop it into cubes.

-  Pour half of the ingredients into a blender and blend it until it becomes smooth. And then take the other half and blend it too until it becomes smooth.

-  Using a strainer, pour the mixture into a bowel to get all the juice out and leave in any seeds.

-  Now it’s time to blend this mixture again but with ice-cubes this time. Don’t blend for too long so the ice would come out slushy.

2.  Raspberry Lemonade:


-  1 can of Lemonade soda

-  1 tsp. Raspberry jam

-  ½ a lemon

-  Fresh raspberries

-  Lemon slices

-  2 or 3 Mint leaves


-  Put 1 tsp. of raspberry jam into a cup.

-  Pour the lemonade soda on the raspberry jam.

-  Squeeze ½ a lemon over it for a sour taste.

-  Chop the fresh raspberries into small piece into the mixture.

-  Add the lemon slices and the mint leaves to the cup along with ice cubes.

3.  Virgin Pomegranate Mojito:


-  3 tbsp. pomegranate seeds

-  Mint leaves

-  1 lime cut into two

-  Pomegranate juice

-  Lemonade juice


-  A night before, put the pomegranate seeds into ice cubes, fill it with water and let it ice until next morning.

-  Mix half of the mint leaves quantity you got with lime, and then punch them together with a rolling pin.

-   In a cup, add the pomegranate juice and the lemonade together. ‘if you pour ¾ of the cup pomegranate you pour the lemonade for the quarter of the cup’.

-  Add the ice cubes, the lemon slices and some mint leaves to the cup to garnish it.

Enjoy the sun and the beach with these super easy refreshing fruity drinks!

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