I like to reminisce about the good old days, when I was a kid and was fed some delicious chicken noodle soup. Or even the alphabet soup, were you one of the kids who tired to spell out their names, or was that just me? Anyway, I am not a soup fan, but I have a soft spot for chicken noodle soup, I could go for several servings, and it tastes so good with a few drops of lemon. So without further ado, here is the recipe for chicken noodle soup:

What you will need:

2 Tbsp of Olive Oil

1 Carrot

1 Onion

6 Cups of chicken stock

300 Grams of chicken breasts

A pack of uncooked thin noodles



1. First things first, you need to cook the chicken to make chicken stock. So place the chicken in a pot and fill it with water.

2. The water should be covering the whole of the chicken, no more than that, as you want the chicken stock to be concentrated.

3. Next heat a saucepan and add the olive oil to warm it up.

4. Chop the onion into fine thin slices, then add it to the saucepan. 

5. Do the same with the carrots; dice them up, then add them to the sauce pan and stir for five minutes.

6. Now it is time to add the chicken stock to the saucepan. Be sure to stir it very well mixing the ingredients with the stock. 

7. Cover the saucepan, reduce the heat and leave it for 15 minutes. 

8. As you wait for the the chicken stock to boil, chop the chicken. You can choose to cut them in thin slices or dice them up into cubes, whatever you prefer.

9. Once the chicken stock begins to simmer, add the diced/sliced chicken and the uncooked noodles. Stir for a few minutes, then cover the pot and leave it to cook until the pasta is tender.

10. Finally, once the soup is ready, just sprinkle some parsley over the soup while stirring. 

Soup is ready, bon appetit.

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