Have you heard of OKKU? A glamorous and sophisticated restaurant that is located around the globe also opened in Dubai to revolutionize their restaurant scene. We were lucky enough to be offered a delicious hummous recipe by the chef at OKKU.

What you will need

1 cup of Edamme (Cooked and Shelled)

10ml of Olive Oil 

1/4 clove of Garlic

25g of Sesame Paste 

25g of Peanut Butter

5g of Hondashi powder 

2.5ml of Light Soy 

22ml of Water

7ml of Yuzu juice (or lemon juice) 

2.5g of Wasabi paste 

5g of Salt 


1. Combine all the ingredients and pulse with a food processor.  If you cannot source the sesame paste, you can add some fresh roasted sesame seeds that have been grounded.  

Also, instead of Hondashi powder, a purely vegan substitute would be some vegetable stock powder.

2. Finally, after the first couple of pulses with the food processor, adjust the recipe to your taste with more or less salt, garlic, peanut butter, or water (to suit your degree of hummous density).