Lately I've been trying to get a little bit creative when it comes to my snacks. Which is why I decided to share with you three different ways to make a delicious turkey sandwich. You've probably been making your turkey sandwich the same way your entire life, right? I'm here to tell you that one ingredient, aka turkey, can be used in many ways, making the ultimate snack of the day.


What You Will Need:

- Tost

- Slices of Turkey 

- Cheese: Gouda or Cheddar

- Cucumber and/or Tomato


This is the classic turkey sandwich, just pile up slices of turkey with your choice of cheese in some toast, and place it in a sandwich maker. Cut up some slices of cucumber or tomato and it's ready for serving. 


What you will need:

- Baguette

- Slices of turkey 

- Slices of your choice of cheese

- Mayonnaise

- Pickles

- Lettuce

Steps: I like to think of this way as the turkey sandwich made with love. 

1. Start by toasting your baguette in the toaster for a few minutes, till it's hot and crunchy. 

2. Next add the slices of cheese to both sides of the baguette. Make sure your bread is super hot, as this will help melt the cheese a little bit. 

3. Now you will add the slices of turkey onto the cheese. 

4. Spread a layer of mayonnaise onto the turkey or even two layers, that's up to your preferences. 

5. Finally it's time to add the lettuce and following it the pickles.

6. Close the baguette and indulge. 


What you will need:

- Baguette

- Slices of turkey

- Mozzarella cheese

- Tomatoes

- Pesto sauce

- 1/4 cup of Vinegar

- 1/2 tsp of Salt 

- 1/4 tsp of Pepper

- 1 Onion

- 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil


1. Open up the piece of baguette and spread a layer of pesto sauce onto each side of the bread. 

2. Add a layer of turkey onto the pesto, along with a layer of cheese, onions and tomatoes.

3.  In a small cup, mix together the vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil. Stir thoroughly. 

4.  Add the dressing you made on top of the onions and close the baguette. 

5. Place the baguette in the sandwich maker for a few minutes making it crunch and yummy.