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| by Nada Allam

12 Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Let me ask you this, how many makeup brushes do you have? Do you know which makeup brush to use and when? I'm going to share with you the ultimate guide on makeup brushes, the 12 different types of makeup brushes and their uses

1. Angled Makeup Brush

This makeup brush is used for filling in your eyebrows, it's angled in a way to make it easy for you to fill in the empty spaces. The angled makeup brush can also be used to apply eyeliner to your inner water lines. 


2. Powder Makeup Brush

This brush comes in small and large sizes and should definitely be part of your makeup brush set. The large powder makeup brush is used to dust some loose compact powder after your foundation to give your face that special satin touch. The powder makeup brush can also be used on the body. The small powder makeup brush is used for applying blush to your cheeks, nose etc… 


3. Foundation Makeup Brush

This makeup brush is used for applying liquid foundation to your face. It is the perfect way to apply liquid foundation evenly and gives you that airbrushed finish. 


4. Eyeshadow Makeup Brush

This flat with thin bristles makeup brush is used for applying eyeshadows and eyeshadow primers.


5. Smudge Makeup Brush

So what is the use of this makeup brush? Well, if you are wondering how to get the perfect smokey eye, then you will need a smudge makeup brush. It will naturally smudge your eyeshadow to be able to shape it the way you like.


6. Blending Makeup Brush

This makeup brush resembles the sponge beauty blender, but it's smaller and attached to a stick. It helps blend in the eyeshadow to the lid professionally, making it look subtle and natural, or at least not over done. 


Tip: You can use the blending brush to blend in your foundation at the hair line. 

7. Contour Makeup Brush

As you can tell from the name, this makeup brush is perfect for contouring your face. It's flat and angled, making it easy for you to paint/color on your face. Another great use for this makeup brush is when you're applying bronzer, especially for the neck and shoulders. 


8. Angled Cheek Makeup Brush

This makeup brush is more ideal for applying bronzer to your face. The brush resembles the powder brush but it's slanted, making it perfect for applying bronzer especially to your cheek bones. 


9. Eyeliner Makeup Brush

This makeup brush is perfect to use when applying liquid eyeliner. It has a very fine tip, for precision and controlling the thickness of the liner. Some eyeliner brushes come with a tipped angle. 


10. Lip Brush

This makeup brush is used for applying lipstick. A lip brush is especially necessary for people with thin lips, as it reduces chances of smudging, and also helps line your lips before applying lipstick. 


11. Brow Brush

This makeup brush consists of a brow brush, comb and is used to smooth down your brows and comb them in whatever direction you prefer. You can also use the brow comb to get rid of any mascara clumps in your eyelashes. 


Main Image Credits: Sephora

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