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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

The New Makeup Brushes Everyone Is Talking About

Scrolling down Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that most of the makeup bloggers and artists are now using a toothbrush-looking makeup brush. Wonder no more, the new makeup brushes everyone is talking about are called the oval makeup brushes.

The new oval makeup brush has a grip like a toothbrush; the hair on the makeup brush is actually very soft and gentle on your face. It comes in many shapes and sizes. Most of the makeup bloggers say that it’s probably the best new thing in the makeup world. It applies your foundation flawlessly, and it doesn’t leave any traces, and as for blending, it’s just perfect.

MAC Cosmetics make three sizes of the brush, Oval 6 brush is for all formulas, foundation, concealers, contouring and highlighters.

 photo fustany-beauty-makeup-The New Makeup Brush Everyone Is Talking About-mac masterclass oval 6 brush_zpsywlvrc0p.jpg 

Oval 3 brush is for eye makeup powders and creams.

 photo fustany-beauty-makeup-The New Makeup Brush Everyone Is Talking About-mac masterclass oval 3 brush_zpssoap69a2.jpg  

Last, but not least, the Linear 1 brush is for eyeliners and lip liners.

 photo mac_sku_ML7101_640x600_0_zpsl7sfxuzj.jpg 

 Another brand that produces the very popular oval makeup brush, is Artis. Artis has a lot of shapes and sizes of this brush. You can check the following video for a detailed review on the Artis oval makeup brushes...

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