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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

This Is Why I Can't Stop Using Eyebrow Mascara

I've been blessed with eyebrows that don't need any tweezing, but they're also thin. So, they always needed a boost. In the old days, I used to brush them and set them with clear mascara, and I though that I had the greatest makeup hack ever. 

And then I started defining my eyebrows with eyebrow pencils, but they always looked fake, besides, I am terrible when it comes to drawing eyebrows and applying eyeliner. But then there was eyebrow mascara, and let me tell you why I can't stop using it! 

Eyebrow mascara is the easiest makeup product you'll ever use, you basically brush your eyebrows with its brush, and the result? Naturally thicker and more defined eyebrows, it's amazing. The only thing you need to be careful with is the color of the mascara. In order to get that natural effect, you need to get a color that is really close to your natural eyebrows. And voila, you're ready to go out!

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @bangbangblond

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